Sledgehammer Games Still Working On Call of Duty, Just Not Call of Duty: Ghosts

Last week, we reported that Sledgehammer Games, who co-developed 2011’s Modern Warfare 3 along with Infinity Ward, announced that they will not be involved with the recently announced Call of Duty: Ghosts and that they are, instead, “heads down” in their “next project.”

Of course, no clues were given as to what the project might be, but a recent job listing suggests that it is, indeed, related to Call of Duty.

Apparently, Sledgehammer Games is “actively recruiting top talent for [their] Call of Duty development team.” The job description in question reads:

Sledgehammer Games is looking for talented Level Designers to create cutting edge level designs for our exciting title based on a successful Activision owned IP. We’re looking for top talent with strong experience in level design for AAA titles. If you’re interested in jumping in and working on a new project with some of the most talented developers in the industry, apply today!

With Infinity Ward hard at work on Call of Duty: Ghosts and Treyarch still tied up with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, what could Sledgehammer Games possibly be up to? The fact that they are looking for talent with strong experience in level design for “AAA titles” suggests that whatever they might be working on is more than just mere Call of Duty game for mobile devices. Qualifications also indicate that the applicant must have a “serious passion for Shooters, Console or PC.

Could they have been handed the reigns of the Modern Warfare series? Are they possibly working on Modern Warfare 4, effectively adding a third developer to the Call of Duty development cycle? Or, is it something completely different?

What do you guys think?

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  • Kyle Jackson

    Hopefully they’re just designing the front cover.

    • Dtoxz

      whatever….someone say the words Grand Theft Auto V and all will be forgotten. Activision doesnt believe the phrase 2 wrongs do not make a right. GTA GTA GTA…..

  • Laurin Emmerich

    Adding a new studio to the developement cycle is good. More time –> better games.. Atleast I hope we will get better games as the main stated problem with of IW and Treyarch were they didn’t have the time. Still, I don’t expect a good Call of Duty from SHG.

    • Goldensgods

      We can’t expect good CoDs period!

  • Would be good if we get more than 2 developers on CoD to extend the development time the developers get.

  • Go home sledgehammer games

    • anonymous

      You are drunk

  • If Activision is adding another dev, then:

    A) They’ve come to their senses and realize the studios need more time to make a good, clean game.

    B) They’ve lost confidence in IW/Treyarch and need an insurance plan.

    Kind of hope it’s a combination of the two, because we’ll get better games and IW/Treyarch will lose some job security and gain a sense of urgency to freshen up the brand.

    • thebulky1cometh

      Man, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?

    • The issue is that games take longer to develop on next gen as part of the overall process. Thus COD will probably now be in a 3-studio rotation in order to push out an annual release. Also, this has the added benefit of protecting the IP from any devs that decide to abandon ship in the future.

      • So, essentially, the three year cycle for next-gen development is equivalent to the two year cycle with current gen? Bummer.

        • dtoxz

          regardless of how many devs are working in this game, it needs a longer Dev cycle than just 2 years. I always say 2 years for a single player game. more than 2 with MP considering all the people that play it. one person finds a hack or exploit And next thing ya know, everyone’s doing it and ruining the game.

  • Sledgehammer games is the reason i started to not like the CoD series … they made mw3 the shitty game called MW3 i mean what the hell -_-

  • thebulky1cometh

    I would say that another studio means more competition and therefore a better product…but IW and Treyarch have both recently taken their turns at pooping into their computers and calling it a COD game. Don’t have much faith that SHG won’t do the same…

  • Maverick

    When Sledgehammer was brought in for MW3 I was hoping at some point they went to a 3 team, 3 year rotation. Hopefully this is a sign of it. No way does Activision want to come its schedule of release, dlc, then next game hype. A 3 year rotation could ease the burden on the studios greatly, possibly improve quality, and even keep employees from getting burnt out and leaving. You also have to think, that with next gen coming the 2 if not more games could span both gens. Requiring even more resources from the studios.

    I wonder…do they break from the mold of always being and FPS and try a 3rd person game?

    • MW2 had a 3rd person gamemode but i guess that was just a one time thing

      • Maverick

        Yeah, I actually found that game mode fun as a change of pace. A few years back COD: The Devils Brigade was canceled. I wonder if the 3rd person idea was put to bed for good or could it be revisited.

  • jj16802

    3 studios making COD games? Maybe this will lead to an extra year of development per game and possibly an increase in quality?


    It’s either a game for that new Wii U console or another horrible vita game.

  • MrLadyfingers

    Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer… 3 year developer cycles coming up?

  • …. No, SEGA needs to make the next CoD.

  • thebulky1cometh

    I see people talking about these studios not having time… they’ve got 2 freaking years between release dates. How much time do they need?

    • Obviously they need more. That would be the easy answer for why their games are buggy at launch.

      • thebulky1cometh

        I know the games are laggy…that’s what I’m saying: why are they so full of bugs/glitches when these teams have 2+ years to work on them!? 2 years seems like an eternity to get something done.

        • Th3PANO

          then you don’t know how long serious masterpieces need to be done.

          • thebulky1cometh

            Neither MW3 nor BLOPS2 should be considered a masterpiece…pretty sure I could write the campaign storyline and come up with detailed concept designs for 50 maps BY MYSELF in 2+ years.

            • macho730

              Can you now? Well than since you can why not make an as awesome game we can all enjoy

            • macho730

              Btw i have to agree with you neither game is a masterpiece but i dealt with mw3 when blops2 came out after 2 months i have up on cod

            • thebulky1cometh

              I’m pretty sure you could put 5-6 like-minded COD people in a room together for 8+ hours a day and they’d be able to come up with a campaign story line within 2+ years. I wasn’t saying I’m necessarily awesome (though, I am), I was trying to point out that they (Activision, Treyarch, IW) are all very terrible.

              And good for you for giving up on it – I am still playing basically because I’m addicted to trying to beat all opponents every single time I play. I haven’t found a game that matches COD’s frantic action. Does one exist?

      • macho730

        Games buggy at launch. Thank Activision for not having a beta. How awesome would it be to have a lag free cod at launch

  • They’re probably working on a crappy 3DS/PS VIta port.

  • I kinda hope it is a COD online game similar to what was released in China.

  • Tomrd008

    Making a 3 year dev cycle would make sense because of longer times needed to develop next gen games