Titanfall – Exclusive Xbox One Gameplay

From our recent hands-on preview of Respawn Entertainment’s Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC shooter, we’ve got exclusive gameplay clips of Titanfall in action on the Xbox One.

Check out Fracture and Angel city, along with various game modes that you’ll also get the chance to experience with the Xbox One and PC beta launching this Friday, February 14.

Attrition on Fracture

Attrition on Angel City

Last Titan Standing on Angel City


Titanfall launches on the Xbox One and PC March 11 with a beta taking place this Friday, February 14 through to Wednesday, February 19. Titanfall’s Xbox 360 version, developed by Bluepoint Games, launches on March 25.

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  • Zebalot

    speachless ….

    • Whats the A for? (speechless) 😉 j/k

  • Its COD with Mechs.. I guess I thought it would be somewhat different but even the artwork looks similar.

    • Noobslayr

      How long til kiddies are screaming mechs are OP and they want them nerfed

    • Thom

      i agree, it is. everything looks like COD, the art style, the gameplay, it looks like the next natural progression of COD.

      • That’s often how Spiritual successor work. Cod was the natural progression of Medal of Honor. Battlefield was the natural progression of codename: Eagle and Halo was that of Marathon.

        • jaskdavis

          I give you +1 for knowing the facts that most don’t on successors!

          • I give you a +1 for appreciating the knowledge I do have. Its …appreciated 🙂

        • Thom

          Fair point. I agree with you on the spiritual successor but I was expecting g a new experience entirely. No doubt it’ll be a good game. And I’m looking forward to getting hold of it

          • Same. But Thing about me is, I hate Call of Duty. It’s not the style of game that irks me, but rather the bullshit of perks and Killstreaks. Titanfall has some perks but they are very limited in numbersnumber and class specific I believe, same for Titans. Its more balanced of an inclusion as opposed to CoD where now you have perks that should be basic mechanics in shooters now(reload while sprinting )

            Titanfall feels like its taking what se of what made Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare so good and applying it to. To be more specific about the “line of successors” “Call of Duty” is a successor to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Titanfall is a successor to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. They do what the former doea, bit does its own thing on top. With the Mechs as a “second skin” and the verticality that was practically nonexistent in Call of Duty, as well as the AI resources, it can be seen as a new experience, but all in all, a FPS is just that. No matter how you change it.

    • Crusina .
    • Bayonetta was just Devil May Cry with tits. Demon’s and Dark Souls is just King’s Field. Gears of Warns just Unreal Tournament with Chainsaws. Assassin’s Creed initially started out as a new Prince of Persia game. I don’t exactly see your point.

      • Calm down.. Am I not entitled to my own opinion? Now ask yourself why you are so passionate about this game that you felt the need to respond with so much of your time to such a benign comment? 🙂

        • Your opinion is totally acceptable. But not compelling. Its general and else wise”generic” thought that can be applied to a lot of things. Like. “Call of Duty is a generic shooter.” Sure you can think that but few actually go to explain how. People who say “X is Y with Z” do not understand the concept of being a “spiritual predecessor/successor.
          (Tl;dr Games like that are never really bad and chances are you’ve probably played plenty of games that are spiritual successors)
          It’ s a successor to anything, a video game, movie, novel, comic, stage play, or television mini-series, even hardware like cars or games consoles, like the OG Xbox. Instead of being a standard sequel, spiritual successors share genres, themes, styles, and often(as well as importantly but not necessarily)developer teams, without continuing on a previous story. While this term can apply to almost any content, it has most commonly been used in video games. Every game I listed above is a successor to the former, just not a standard sequel. Its done for a number of reasons and the whole Activision/IW fiasco is normally the prime example ( Activision retaining the right to CoD leaving JW and VZ with nothing. A Dev team would try to create a game similar to the previous but not a direct copy or directly titled game. Look up Mighty No. 9.

          Example aisde from Titanfall is The Wonderful 101 on Wii U. Its a SS to Viewtiful Joe(granted the game play styles are radically differentdifferent, 2D vs 3D)Viewtiful Joe was made by Clover Studios, but published by Capcom, who retains the rights. When Capcom cut Clover loose and dissolved the studio, a bunch of ex-Clover staff (Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inab)got together and formed Platinum Games who made The Wonderful 101 hich is why the twotwo particular games look so similar.. Its not really ever a bad thingthing the games look alike, as that game is probably the closest anyone can come now to a new “Viewtiful Joe.”. The Evil Within was from the start labeled by Capcom as SS to Resident EvilEvil, notably the older, scarier games in the series. Its not really ever a bad thing unless its a situation like The WarZ which was a complete ripoff of DayZ or a lot of old NES games that copies Super Mario World like McKids or something.

  • ReeceGators

    That sniper looks SOOO OP

    • Energize

      Geez ikr. Nerf that shet Respawn.

    • Keep in mind that I only killed 8 pilots with it. 42 kills were AI that were, for the most part, rather stationary!

      • Just saying

        Was it fun to get 42 AI kills? I think the whole point in playing online FPS games is to kill REAL players, right?

        • Killing AI rewards very little in comparison to killing pilots or Titans. in Attrition killing AI nets you the smallest amount vs a Titan kill. In gemeral, They net you then least amount of XP, and they shave off the timer by the least amount. And they’re so inept you can actually just skip them altogether and actively seek out human opponents which isn’t hard to do. The only tikes I really killed Grunts was playing Hard point BC I had to kill them to take the spots. I still had fim and I’m mostly competitive in FPS.

          • Just saying

            Seeking 6 players in such a huge map isn’t easy, I think. I don’t know but I feel like “competitive” and “Titanfall” don’t come in the same sentence after watching these videos. I gotta say though, this is only a first impression based on these videos so I’ll have to play it first to judge.

            • The maps aren’t that big. We’re talking Halo at best concerning Fracture. Nothing indicates Battlefield style maps where 6v6 would be an absolute bore.

        • You should read my preview if you haven’t. I talked about this exact thing 🙂

          “And while the inclusion of AI keeps things rolling, it takes away that drive for new players to want to improve when they already feel like a badass 90 percent of the time taking out dumb-as-nails AI. Add to that Titanfall’s casual, pick-up-and-play nature, and it all of a sudden becomes more comparable to a mobile game, rather than a triple-A shooter that you’d want to sink hours and hours into.”


        • Guest

          Read the….ENTIRE…article.

      • Yeah, I understand the AI grunts and Spectre droids are mostly for the less skilled, but they are completely inept. Even single player AI in other games have some degree of difficulty but these ones apart from the Titans are pretty bad. O hope they beef em up as now they just hipfire at you or completely ignore you

        • I agree. Like I said in my preview, they kind of make you feel like a badass, even when you aren’t really being one. It’s cool for noobs, but totally unsatisfying as a more experience player.

          • Yeah I’ve read that not too long ago. That’s my concern as well. I’m certain they’ll have game types catered to the competitive players and maybe keeping AI to a minimum, of not completely absent, considering pilot kills shave more time off the countdown as opposed to AI kills.

    • Sheldon

      insurgency damage model in this b***!

    • jj16802

      He is aiming for headshots.

    • He was killing AI grunts with it mostly. Were you even aware he was shooting at grunts? Or did you think they were players?

  • ReeceGators

    looks cool but they shouldve made the art style more like the xbox one titanfall case. Lots of orange and white

  • Analdo Gomez

    oh man, 🙁 want that shit so bad…

  • Looks good! A game that I am actually kind of excited for – that’s rare!

  • Energize

    (This is my opinion) I would love for the developers to completely remove the invisibility cloak. It looks way too OP. This game is about parkour, free running, bouncing off the walls, not stealthing, laying back and sniping. The cloak just seems like it will ruin the game.

    • Crusina .

      Play the game first then judge. The cloak covers your sniper scope so you can’t even seen while aiming down it. It doesn’t last long at all, has a cooldown, and unless you’re in a titan is noticeable to anyone on foot.

      • Energize

        Well in the video the player had no problem cloaking and then getting a couple kills with the sniper, so obviously it’s not going to be challegning to aim in and get at least one shot on a guy while cloaked.

      • Energize

        And ya I agree I shouldn’t judge the game from a couple of gameplay videos, but I was just stating my opinion.

      • So, that must mean you have played it? ..and how was it?

        • Energize

          Did you not see the videos? And who are you talking to, me or Crusina?

          • Its not OP, it just hides you from AI grunts and from an autopiloted Titans’ motion sensors, and it’s pretty useful when you have 1 or 2 titans guarding a hardpoint or a certain street as they will immediately fire upon you.. Human players can more easily see a cloaked player. Even when still.

            • Energize

              I agree it is useful when hiding from AI and other titans but using it during a pilot vs. pilot situation, the cloaked player will pretty much win. And also ADS isn’t blocked, it’s harder to see your sights but you can still ADS.

            • Its not a garuanteed win. He was killng cloaked pilots easily when they knew he was shooting at them! They are cloaked, not invisible which in PvP only serves as benefit at long ranges , vs short or even mid range enemies. In a CQC, cloak is has little benefit. In the alpha trial I used it more often than not and being cloaked against human players made no difference to me, I was gunned down plenty of times.

  • WelcomeToGoodBurger

    id play this

  • Sheldon

    here we go again. invisible perk. lost all interest

  • That guy you might know

    I thought the AI would be more… advanced in a way.

    They just sit around in the open and pretty much scream easy kill.

    • I expected the same as well. Turns out they’re there to make newcomers feel like a bad ass, which is fine, but I don’t think it’s something the more advanced players will appreciate.

  • Just saying

    So AI grunts have low health, don’t shoot right and pretty much stationary most of the time. I’d say that the community will ask for 12v12 in 3 to 4 months after launch.

  • awkenney

    Is there a way in this game to turn off the weapon switch identification and scoring messages that flash up on the screen? Seems distracting.

  • awkenney

    Did the smart pistol auto-acquire targets there in training? Are there any other weapons like that?

    • Might be in full game. Weren’t any other smart weapons in the beta.

      The smart pistol is an odd thing. Not sure how I feel about it yet. It kills grunts super fast with one shot, but pilots require four points to be locked on in order to kill them in one hit. So, it can be a one shot kill, but it takes a long time to lock on, equalizing the time to kill with other pistols in the end.

      It’s balanced, but I’m not sure I dig it. It’s not as satisfying when something is doing the aiming for you.

  • Alvaro Munive

    Too much COD Essence for me, its not “that bad” but… the AI on the MP ugh… I’m not completely sold on that.

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