Battlefield 3 – Amazing Jet Kill

There really isn’t anything I can say to prepare you for the amount of awesome that is in this video, so just go ahead, watch it, and leave some comments!

Check out the extended version of Stungravy’s video here!


  • Anonymous

    lol that was pretty epic

  • Anonymous

    Thats why we choose BF over MW, for epic moments like those

    • Ryan

      I thought it was because it was more realistic /s… Great vid nonetheless

  • ROLF that was the most badass thing I’ve every seen in a game, the was a perfect choice. 

  • how come the colors on his hud look so good? and not transparent like??? because i want it

    • I believe this is after the PC’s second patch. They have a more color-blind friendly hud now. Are you playing on PC as well?

      • no ps3 either way i want it so bad i hate the way the hud is on BF3 its hurts my eyes sometimes

  • I see better…..

  • roskellrichard

    The oldest trick in the book. Must have been a noob that fell for it.

    • HM

      Lol what a stupid comment… Sorry i dont mean to offend you OH MIGHTY GREAT ONE!

  • nice kills, wouldnt see anything like this in COD!

  • Stephen

    its more fun than cod.