New Plant Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Video Showcases Xbox One-Exclusive Couch Co-Op And Boss Mode

EA has a special treat for soon-to-be Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare owners on Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Today, the studio released a video showcasing two of the exclusive features only found on the Xbox One version of title; split-screen co-op and boss mode.

Check it out in the featured section above.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is coming to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One on February 25 for $29.99 USD and #39.99 USD, respectively. In addition to the low price, all DLC for the title will available for free.

  • Tommygun921

    EA title with free DLC with a low price??? Is this a typo?

    • Joel Santana

      No. lol

      • Tommygun921

        The game must come with few maps on launch to have free DLC. My OP was part joke as well as part shock. I wonder what the catch is.

        • Joel Santana

          Probably microtransactions.

          • Tommygun921

            Oh gawd!! It all makes sense now!

            • Joel Santana

              Lol. I heard it’s gonig to be like Mass Effect 3 in terms of the microtransactions. So it cant be that bad

  • jaskdavis

    Looks fun!

    • It actually does. I never really understood the hype of PvZ on mobile, but this looks really entertaining. How funny would this be if it overtook a game like Battlefield lol

  • KiLLaMaNiLLa

    This game is gonna be badass i can’t wait.