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Mortal Kombat 11 Old Skool vs. New Skool Trailer Released, More Fighters Confirmed for Roster News 0

News 0 As part of today’s PlayStation State of Play presentation, NetherRealm Studios prepared a new Mortal Kombat 11 trailer, and this one pits the old versions of fighters against their current, more edgier selves! Given how the game’s story campaign is centered around time travel, it was only a matter of time until we saw the […]

PlayStation State of Play Livestream – Watch It Now News 0

News 0 Just last week, Sony announced that it’s doing its first-ever PlayStation State of Play presentation, which sounds like the company’s version of a Nintendo Direct. Sony promises new game announcements, trailers and more for the show, and it starts now! The PlayStation State of Play livestream event starts Mon, March 25th 2019 @ 2pm PT, 5pm […]

Battlefield 5 Body Dragging Feature Cancelled by DICE, Says It Would “Negatively Impact” Gameplay News 1

News 1 Back when Battlefield 5 was announced, one of the new features DICE talked about was how players can drag friendly soldiers out of harm’s way during a match. Well, it’s been months since release, and the Battlefield 5 body dragging mechanic still isn’t in the game! As it turns out, there’s a good reason for […]

Apple Arcade Announced, Game Subscription Service for Mobile, Desktop and More News 0

News 0 Just last week, Google announced its own gaming streaming platform called Stadia. Now, if you think that’s out of left field, it seems Apple is joining the gaming bandwagon as well, though in a different way. In a press event today, Apple announced “Apple Arcade,” which Apple calls as the “world’s first  game subscription service” […]

Samurai Shodown Slices Its Way Out This June, Check Out the Gameplay Now News 0

News 0 Old school gamers, do you remember Samurai Shodown? The weapons-based fighting game released in the ’90s for the Neo Geo? Today, SNK and Athlon have announced Samurai Shodown; a reboot of the classic 2D fighting game, which will bring new characters, features and more this year! Check out the gameplay trailer below. Once again set […]

Report: Another New Apex Legend Character Scheduled to Drop in Season 1 News 0

News 0 While Respawn Entertainment might have just released Octane as a new Legend in Apex Legends’ first season (Season 1), it seems we might be in for another new character before the season’s over. Over on the PlayStation website listing for Apex Legends, it mentions “two new characters” will launch over the course of Season 1! […]

Battlefield 5 Tides of War Chapter 3 Challenges Unearthed via Game Files, Here’s How Many Are Tied to Firestorm News 1

News 1 In every Tides of War chapter of Battlefield 5, DICE always rolls out a new set of challenges that rotate every week which gives players something to aim for whenever they’re playing. With Battlefield 5’s battle royale mode Firestorm set to hit tomorrow, it seems the Battlefield 5 Tides of War chapter 3 challenges will […]

Polyphony Digital Has “No Intention” of Stopping Gran Turismo Sport Free Updates, 5 New Cars Added Next Week News 0

News 0 Just last year, we posted a story where the free content rolled out for Gran Turismo Sport was rounded up, and it was quite a lot. If you’re looking forward to more Gran Turismo Sport free updates, you’ll be getting for sure if Polyphony Digital has anything to say about it. Speaking to GTPlanet, Gran […]

Anthem Has Earned Over $100 Million in Digital Revenue Since It Launched News 0

News 0 While Anthem might not have been the critical success EA and BioWare were hoping it’d be, it seems the sci-fi loot shooter is still earning a lot of money for parent company EA. In a new report published by research firm SuperData, it mentions that Anthem revenue via digital has now surpassed $100 million since […]

Battlefield 5 New Game Mode Info Datamined: 5v5, Doctrines, Classes & More Unearthed News 1

News 1 While Battlefield 5 players are eagerly awaiting the release of the game’s battle royale mode called Firestorm this March 25, it seems DICE has something else already brewing. In yesterday’s Battlefield 5 roadmap for the remainder of 2019, DICE mentioned a Battlefield 5 new game mode that’s 5v5, and will be out during Chapter 4. […]

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Info: Weapons, Vehicles, Gadgets and More All in One Place News 1

News 1 Are you looking forward to Battlefield 5’s battle royale mode Firestorm? While we’re just days away from it being available, players might have a lot of questions left in terms of objectives, gameplay mechanics and more. Fortunately for us, DICE has opened the dam when it comes to Battlefield 5 Firestorm info! We’ve compiled everything […]

Report: Sony No Longer Supplying Digital Codes for Games to Retailers News 3

News 3 Do you go to GameStop or other physical shops to buy games digitally? If so, that might be ending really soon. Over on Twitter, trusted video game insider Wario64 has obtained a memo proclaiming that Sony will no longer provide full game digital download codes to retailers starting April 1, 2019! Here is the full […]

Anthem Store Update Weekly Reset for March 22, 2019 News 0

News 0 It’s another week, and that means the Anthem in-game store has refreshed its stock of cosmetic/vanity items. If you’re curious what you can spend your hard earned Coins/Shards on, read on. Featured: Crack Knuckles – 23,000 Coins/475 Shards Don’t Talk to Me – 23,000 Coins/475 Shards Look Back Casual – 16,000 Coins/375 Shards Decal: Last Chance […]

The Division 2 Hunter Mask Location Guide News 0

News 0 There’s no shortage of items to collect in The Division 2; be it weapons, armor, or just cosmetic items to make your character stand out from the pack. If you’re looking for something to collect, gain XP in the process, and have your character look good, we’re here to help! Listed below are the Hunter […]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 New Game Mode Capital Supremacy Along With New Location & More Announced for March 26 News 0

News 0 Are you a Star Wars Battlefront 2 player? If so, you’re in for a massive treat! DICE is introducing a brand new game mode to Star Wars Battlefront 2 called “Capital Supremacy.” Not only that, but there’s also a new location, new reinforcements and more! But first, check out details on the Star Wars Battlefront […]

Sony Announces “State of Play” Video Showcase for Monday, Promises New Game Announcements News 0

News 0 With Sony confirming last year that they won’t be attending E3 2019, some fans might be wondering how the company will announce games, and hype up releases. Well, as it turns out, Sony is following the Nintendo Direct approach! Announced today is the “State of Play,” Sony promises “new game announcements, new trailers, and new […]

Mortal Kombat 11 Noob Saibot and Shang Tsung Revealed in New Trailer, Shang Tsun Confirmed as First DLC Fighter News 0

News 0 While we just got a trailer for Mortal Kombat 11 revealing Kotal Kahn the other day, NetherRealm Studios isn’t done with the character reveals for the week! Today, we get our first confirmation and look at Noob Saibot, and Shang Tsung! The characters were revealed as part of the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) […]

Battlefield 5 2019 Roadmap Revealed, Here’s What’s Coming for the Remainder of the Year News 0

News 0 With Battlefield 5 getting its battle royale mode Firestorm in just a few days’ time, DICE has now seen it fit to let the fanbase know what’s coming for the remainder of the year. Revealed today is the Battlefield 5 2019 roadmap! For 2019, Battlefield 5 players will see two more chapters introduced (aside from […]

The Division 2 Update Today Fixes Clan XP Issue and More News 0

News 0 Earlier today, Ubisoft did a The Division 2 maintenance on the servers, and included a server-side hotfix once it went back up again, which addresses a few key issues. The Division 2 update today has a few technical fixes, which you can read about below. Fixed an issue where players were not being granted Clan […]

Hitman 2 New Sniper Assassin Map Brings Players to Singapore, Watch It Now News 0

News 0 Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new Hitman 2 trailer that features the upcoming Hantu Port Sniper Assassin Map, which is an all-new DLC arriving this March 26! The Hitman 2 new Sniper Assassin map, brings players to a container year set on the island of Singapore. Watch it below. According to WB, […]

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