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Xbox Deals With Gold May 21 Deals and Discounts Listed News 0

News 0 It’s Tuesday, and that means another Xbox Deals With Gold sale is underway on the Xbox Marketplace! For the Xbox Deals With Gold May 21 list, check it out below. Check out the full  Xbox Deals With Gold May 21 list with corresponding prices for each country and more. Xbox One   Game USD GBP […]

Report: PS5 vs PS4 Loading Time Comparison Video Shows How Fast Next-Gen Will Be News 0

News 0 For some reason or another, Sony has deemed it time to talk about the PlayStation 5. No, it wasn’t done via an elaborate event (that’s happening at some point for sure), but via an interview with the PS4 — and now PS5 — Lead Architect, Mark Cerny in an interview. While we still don’t know […]

Apex Legends Update 1.09 Patch Notes Now Live, Here’s What News and Improved News 0

News 0 As expected, a new Apex Legends update is out now, and it brings a lot of improvements to the table. Just at 678MB on PS4, check out the Apex Legends update 1,09 patch notes below. Apex Legends Update 1.09 Patch Notes; AUDIO FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS One of our biggest issues to tackle was improving the […]

Battlefield 5 Next Update Set for This Week, Will Include Visibility Update and More News 0

News 0 Battlefield 5 players, rejoice! The Battlefield 5 next update is set for this week, and from what we’ve gathered so far, it’ll come with a LOT of good stuff for multiplayer — and Firestorm — fans. This was revealed by DICE earlier today, which also mentioned that the patch notes will arrive a day earlier. […]

Capcom Confirms “Numerous Games” Are in Development With RE Engine News 0

News 0 It’s no secret that Capcom has been in some sort of renaissance after the success of many of their games. Their new proprietary engine RE Engine definitely has been a key factor on the success of their games. Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2, and Devil May Cry 5 are amazing games built with the […]

Sony Microsoft Partnership Took PlayStation Team by Surprise News 0

News 0 Sony and Microsoft threw the world of gaming into a completely new level. This happened after the announcement of a partnership deal that will see both companies improving player experience with Microsoft’s Azure technology. However, it seems like one of the parties that was surprised by the announcement was PlayStation themselves. That’s right, according to […]

Gamer Gets to Play Borderlands 3 Early Due to Terminal Illness News 0

News 0 Sometimes, we forget how fortunate we are to be able to do the things we want with nothing to worry about. We tend to take for granted how some people would love to be in our shoes, no matter how crappy our situation might be. This is one of those times, people. Over on the […]

Rumor: First Watch Dogs 3 Info Sneaks Out, Set in London and Will Feature a Female Protagonist News 0

News 0 Given how successful the Watch Dogs franchise is for Ubisoft, it’s no secret that we’re getting a new entry in Watch Dogs 3. Now that E3 is right around the corner, it seems the first few nuggets of Watch Dogs 3 info have sneaked out! Over on Reddit, a user posted what is said to […]

THQ Nordic Unannounced Games Planned at E3 2019 for “Beloved Franchises” News 0

News 0 If you’re hoping for some unannounced games at this year’s E3, you’re getting exactly that from at least one game publisher. THQ Nordic (Darksiders, Red Faction) has confirmed that there are at least two THQ Nordic unannounced games set to be revealed at the event. Take a look at the tease from THQ Nordic below. […]

Report: Activision Considering Call of Duty 2019 F2P Component News 0

News 0 With yesterday’s report dropping a bombshell that Treyarch will purportedly once again be on the developer’s driver sat for Call of Duty 2020, one nugget of info that was also mentioned was how Activision was allegedly considering a free-to-play (f2p) component for the still-unnamed Call of Duty 2019 (which we all know now is another […]

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 2 Content “Operation Phantom Sight” Revealed News 0

News 0 Rainbow Six Siege players, prepare for new Operators and gameplay changes in “Operation Phantom Sight,’ which is what Ubisoft is calling the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 2 content roll out! Included in this new season is an all-new Attacker, and a Defender. Called Nokk and Warden, the gadgets and skills of these new […]

Will Gamers Make the Jump to Online Casino Games News 0

News 0 At present, there are approximately 2.34 billion gamers in the world and their number is expected to rise to over 2.72 billion by 2021. Most gamers prefer traditional games like PC RPG or console FPS. However, there is another category of games that has started to appeal to an increasing number of traditional gamers: the […]

Three Ways Online Gambling Will Change in the Future News 0

News 0 The future of gambling relies heavily on the innovations of technology. That has been highlighted by the fact that the sector has increased in popularity, and price since the advancements allowed for gambling apps, and up to date information in sports betting. All companies keep an eye on advancements that are being made, and they […]

Will We Ever See Casino Operators Like Mr. Green Hosting Multiplayer Games? News 0

News 0 A 3D avatar to represent you, a virtual casino full of people, realistic graphics and 24/7 technical support—isn’t that something online casino players would be interested in? Even though gamblers care mostly about the money, they would appreciate such platforms. So, why aren’t billion-dollar casinos brands like Mr. Green working on MMOs? Will multiplayer games […]

Apex Legends Upcoming Update Scheduled for Next Week, Here’s the Patch Notes News 0

News 0 With Apex Legends’ last major patch released way back in April, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that the Apex Legends upcoming update will be released next week, and what’s more, the studio even released the patch notes already! According to Respawn, the next Apex Legends patch will drop “early next week,” which we assume will be […]

Report: Call of Duty 2020 is a “Mess,” Treyarch Takes Over Dev Duties and Plans Black Ops 5 News 1

News 1 While we’ve yet to hear anything official from Activision regarding this year’s Call of Duty game (which is totally going to be another entry in the Modern Warfare saga), news regarding Call of Duty 2020 has already surfaced, and it’s not in a good place. According to a new report by Kotaku, Treyarch, which just […]

SEGA Wishes to Make More Online Games for Western Gamers News 0

News 0 Not too long ago, SEGA released a Q&A for investors. This document talks about various topics and points of interest for the company. Of course, one of the most important aspects of this document is SEGA’s desire to make more online games for players outside of Japan. Additionally, SEGA is interested in releasing an MMORPG […]

Casino Games That Gamers Would Love News 0

News 0 Real Gamers Love These Classic and Modern Casino Games When it comes to gaming in the general sense, there are certain elements that can be found throughout various genres and sub-genres. Modern gamers can find things like elements of luck, strategy and skill in their favorites just depending on their own personal dispositions, but you […]

The Sony and Disney Relationship Is Strengthening With the Recent Predator Game Announcement News 0

News 0 While I was surprised by the State of Play announcement of a new Predator game, one thing that really didn’t occur to me till much later is that the Predator (and Alien) license is effectively now owned by Disney given the House of Mouse’s acquisition of Fox. This is a rather interesting scenario as this […]

Team Sonic Racing Launch Trailer Races Out News 0

News 0 We’re only a few days away from the launch of Team Sonic Racing! This project by Sumo Digital and SEGA has made a ton of people excited for the release. As such, SEGA decided to rekindle the hype flames once more with a new trailer for the game. SEGA released a new Team Sonic Racing […]

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