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Check Out Some Awesome Modern Warfare 3 Concept Artwork News 20

News 20 Sledgehammer Games has “pulled together some of the best pieces” of Modern Warfare 3 concept, in its latest blog. Here’s the gallery of all the art released so far, some of which should make for great wallpapers. You can click on the thumbnails below to enlarge and go through the collection.

Rumor – Splinter Cell: Blacklist to Release in March 2013 News 4

News 4 Amazon UK has updated its product listing for Splinter Cell: Blacklist, adding the release date for the game along with a “UK Exclusive” limited edition. The British retailer has listed Splinter Cell: Blacklist to release on March 29, 2013, which falls on a Friday. This usually means that the game will release in North America on Tuesday, […]

Trine Developers Expects Wii U Online To “Match or Even Surpass” Other Platforms News 9

News 9 In a recent interview with Gamesutra, Frozenbyte, the Indie developers behind Trine 1 and 2, share their take on developing for the Wii U along with their beliefs regarding its online service. Joel Kinnunen, a developer working at Frozenbyte, had this to say: We’re going in with the expectation that Nintendo will be able to […]

DayZ Mod – Dogs Are Coming In A Later Patch, Bear Traps In 1.7.2 Patch News 8

News 8 As if Zombies weren’t enough trouble in the world of DayZ, now you’ll have to worry about dogs and the dangerous Bear Trap. Patch 1.7.2, which currently has no release date, is set to bring in many new fixes along with a new item, the Bear Trap. With the Bear Trap, players will be able […]

Battlefield 3 Premium July Soldier Upgrade 2 Now Live News 71

News 71 New content for Battlefield 3 Premium owners is now live across the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. This exclusive content drop for members of Battlefield 3 Premium contains new specialist assignments for the F2000, Scar H, PKP Pecheneg and L96 weapons, as well as four new soldier camos. Once an specialist assignment is completed, you […]

Arma 2 Mod DayZ Sees 420,000 Players Since Release, Half A Million Expected by Next Week News 25

News 25 More and more, the Arma 2 mod DayZ is making video gaming headlines, and for good reason. The last time we reported on the online multiplayer, zombie survival-horror modification of the ultra realistic military shooter Arma 2, DayZ managed to boost the original game’s sales by a whopping 500%, roughly 3 years after its release. […]

PS All-Stars – Two New Characters, Release Date, and Pre-Order Bonuses Announced News 14

News 14 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has officially received a release date, and the pre-order goodies have also been revealed. That’s not all, yesterday at Evo 2012 Sony announced two brand new characters that’ll be joining the All-Stars roster, Heihachi and Toro. Release Date and other Info. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is set to release on October 23rd, […]

Be Advised, Jaw Dropping Battlefield 3 Artwork Spotted! News 26

News 26 During the evenings, since March 10, 2012, Kyle Wright, graphic design/photography specialist and Battlefield fan since BF1942, has been toiling away at something amazing – something especially amazing for Battlefield fans like us. Checking out the top entry yesterday on the Battlefield 3 sub-reddit, we discovered Kyle’s work – a collection of exceptional Battlefield 3 […]

MW3 – Three Elite DLC Drops To Release Every Month Until The Season’s Conclusion News 31

News 31 The official Modern Warfare 3 Content Calendar has been updated to show how the season of DLC is coming to an end. During the final three months of Elite content, three pieces of DLC will be released every month starting from July for Xbox 360, August for PS3. Previously, the outdated calendar included only seven […]

Rumor – Halo 2 Remake On The Way, In Development At 343 Industries News 14

News 14 Last year we saw the release of Halo Combat Evolve Anniversary, a remake of the first Halo game on the original Xbox console. According to the rumor page of the latest issue of OXM, 343 Industries, the developers behind the first anniversary remake and the team that is currently developing the upcoming Halo 4, are […]

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Dev on Vehicles, Tank Superiority and Motor-Bikes in End Game News 56

News 56 DICE gameplay designer Niklas Fegraeus gives Battlefield 3 fans a deeper look into the upcoming Armored Kill expansion pack due out in September as he details some of the new vehicles and gives his two cents on the brand new game mode, Tank Superiority. Being heavily focused on vehicular combat, Armored Kill will be introducing […]

Updated: Xbox Live Down, Microsoft is “Working to Resolve the Issue” News 34

News 34 Update: According to the official status page, the Xbox LIVE service is currently back up and running. Original Story: Xbox Live is currently down for most users as the following message appears on the service status page: Users may experience difficulties with the following services: Signing into Xbox LIVE from an Xbox console Signing into […]

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Xbox 360 Patch Notes, PS3 and PC Updates Announced News 1

News 1 “A new Title Update is being delivered for the Xbox 360 version of the game,” announced Ubisoft’s community developer on the official forums. PS3 users can expect the patch by next week, which also will fix the voice chat problem on the platform, you can learn more through here. In addition, a PC specific patch is […]

Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Patch 1.17, Hot Fix Now Live – Patch Notes News 19

News 19 Infinity Ward has released a title update for Modern Warfare 3 on the PS3 platform, and it should be available for everyone now. The patch weighs in at a modest size of 31MB. The patch is said to further improve searching for games and help analyse matchmaking so they can do more precise enhancements for those experiencing […]

New Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer Trailer to Unlock Early Through Facebook Challenge News 30

News 30 The fine folks behind Medal of Honor: Warfighter have a challenge for the community. If you “vote, like or share [the] multiplayer poll questions” coming up in the next few days on the official Medal of Honor Facebook page, then “a brand new mulltiplayer gameplay trailer featuring an all-new map” will be unlocked early. The ultimate goal is […]

An Initial Look at Battlefield 3’s “Matches” Feature, Coming Soon News 35

News 35 Battlefield 3’s “Matches” feature is finally getting its grand entrance. Many BF3 vets will have noticed the Matches feature sitting underneath the multiplayer menu on their Battlelog for quite some time now. It was rather apparent that it would allow users to set up competitive matches among other players on rented servers, but until now, […]

Black Ops II – Treyarch on Re-imagined Maps, Nuketown 2025, New Black Ops Easter Egg, Why Nuketown is Popular News 4

News 4 Dan Bunting of Treyarch breaks down exactly why Nuketown was not only one of Black Ops’ most popular multiplayer maps, but one of Call of Duty’s most popular multiplayer maps in general and hints at what kind of goodies we can expect to find in Black Ops II’s recently announced Nuketown 2025. He also spills […]

Modern Warfare 3 Terminal Is Coming to Xbox 360 on July 17/18 for Free, No ETA for PS3 and PC News 73

News 73 Mark Rubin has announced that the Modern Warfare 3 version of Terminal will be released on July 17th for Elite premium members, July 18th for everyone else on Xbox 360. As we previously reported, Xbox 360 owners will receive the Modern Warfare 2 map first. “Terminal Update MW3: Terminal went into cert[ification] at Microsoft on 7/2 and […]

Battlefield 3 July 4th PC Server Update Notes News 16

News 16 Battlefield 3 players on the PC may have noticed a few little tweaks yesterday, July 4th. DICE recently rolled out server update R27, which addressed a number of issues listed below as seen on the Battlelog: You can no longer revive someone who has switched team while being dead. This prevents a case where soldiers would […]

Does the FPS Genre Lack Innovation? DICE General Manager Answers News 92

News 92 Karl Magnus Troedsson, General Manager of DICE, the studio behind Battlefield 3, believes that gamers will lose interest in the first-person genre soon if strides in innovation and technological advancements are not made. Recently, Edge asked Troedsson what he thought about the FPS genre and whether he thinks other developers are doing what it takes […]

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