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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Xbox 360 Achievements Hint At New Game Mode News 44

News 44 A list of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Xbox 360 achievements have been outed hinting at a new Battlefield 3 game mode called “Gun Master.” Close Quarters is just around the corner and is said to release along side Battlefield Premium June 4th. PS3 Trophies have yet been revealed but it’s safe to assume that the […]

Modern Warfare 3 – Shipment and Rust Remakes a Possibility News 71

News 71 According to the official Infinity Ward Facebook account, remakes of classic Modern Warfare Shipment and Rust are, indeed, a possibility for future DLC. Only a few moments ago, Infinity Ward made this statement via their official Facebook account. We just put in some requests to our MP design team which could lead to some of your […]

Gears of War: Judgment Revealed, New Images Surface News 9

News 9 Yesterday, Gameinformer teased their June magazine cover confirming the development of another Gears of War title for the Xbox 360. Today, we get a better look at the same cover, this time revealing the well-loved Gears of War characters, Damon Baird and Augustus “Cole Train” Cole in shackles amidst the Locust hordes. It was also announced that […]

Battlefield 3 – DICE To Perform Maintenance on Battlelog June 4th, In Prep for Close Quarters? News 15

News 15 DICE Global Community Manager Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros announces maintenance to be performed on the Battlelog on June 4th. Could this is most likely in preparation for the release of the Close Quarters expansion pack? As well as, perhaps, the Battlefield Premium service whose release date we discovered earlier. Battlelog will be down for maintenance on the […]

Your MP1st E3 2012 Guide, Including List of Livestreams and Games News 11

News 11 E3 is just around the corner and as you may have guessed, MP1st will be on overload making sure you guys stay up to date with all the latest on multiplayer gaming coming out of Los Angeles starting June 4th. Expect some exciting announcements from EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo which you can catch […]

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Slated for September 2012 Release, Will Be Shown Off at E3 News 25

News 25 EA has announced that its’ press conference on Monday, June 4th at 4:00pm EDT (1:00pm PDT/8:00pm GMT) will feature Battlefield 3 among other titles. EA promises to “feature never-before-seen video and gameplay” of the publisher’s biggest titles. It’s unclear whether new footage of Battlefield 3’s expansion packs will be featured during the presser, but Battlefield Premium is expected to be officially revealed at the […]

Black Ops II Gets X-Ray Sniper Rifle Technology, More On The Weapons of BOII News 33

News 33 As we inch towards a more substantial reveal of Black Ops II’s multiplayer sometime in the near future, we gather what we can in terms of the interesting weapons that you’ll be using, including some of the tech to go along with it. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out our latest trailer […]

Battlefield 3 – DICE Performs Maintenance June 1st To Resolve Stat and XP Loss Issue News 19

News 19 In an attempt to resolve the issues a number of Battlefield 3 players are currently facing, DICE will be performing maintenance across all platforms on June 1st from 8 to 9 AM UTC, at which point the multiplayer will be unavailable. That’s 3 to 4 AM EST early morning on the 1st. Yesterday, DICE addressed the […]

THQ Took Homefront 2 to Crytek to Bring It ‘Up to the level of CoD and Battlefield,’ Says Former VP News 23

News 23 In his last interview as the executive vice president of THQ core games, Danny Bilson reflects on Homefront 1, and touches on why the publisher decided to hand the reins over to Crytek. Bilson reckoned, “Homefront had fantastic creative. Arguably, at least in my opinion, one of the best properties for a first person shooter, a fresh world, […]

Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Elite Drops Release June 14, Free Face Off Maps Go Live June 15 News 11

News 11 Infinity Ward has now confirmed that premium PS3 Elite members will have access to the newest DLC drops on the same day as patch 1.15. As for non-Elite players, the new game mode Face Off and two maps will go live on the platform for free on June 15th. Infinity Ward has revealed, via Twitter, the […]

New Gears of War Title Confirmed For Xbox 360 News 9

News 9 Game Informer teases the magazine cover of their July issue revealing Epic’s next Gears of War title for the Xbox 360. “We can confirm that our next cover is the new installment in the Gears of War series and is coming to Xbox 360,” writes Game Informer. The image of the cover below teases the […]

Battlefield 3 – DICE Outs Patch Notes For June 4th Multiplayer Update 3: M26 Dart Fix, Suppression Reduction, Console Color Blind Mode News 99

News 99 DICE has just outed a full list of changes in their upcoming “multiplayer update 3” which will be making it’s way to Battlefield 3 across PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in less than a week. The release schedule is as follows: PC and Xbox 360 worldwide: June 4th PlayStation 3 in Japan/Asia: June 5th PlayStation […]

Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.15 for PS3 Releases June 14th News 15

News 15 It turns out Modern Warfare 3 patch 1.15 for PS3 is due mid-June, as it was originally suggested. A few days ago, Infinity Ward published the official patch notes for two title updates for PS3 and PC that were pushed out at the time. PC players were able to download the patch on the same day, but […]

Battlefield 3 – DICE Identifies Possible Cause Of Stats and XP Loss Issue, Don’t Use The FAMAS News 55

News 55 Update 2: DICE has just clarified via Twitter, “It’s any game where the FAMAS is used so if anyone including you uses it.” Update 1: Also via Facebook, DICE has mentioned that they will be sharing information tomorrow on an upcoming Battlefield 3 patch: “Stay tuned, Battlefield fans – We’ve got details on the upcoming patch coming […]

SOCOM PS2 and PSP Servers Shutting Down This August News 17

News 17 It’s a sad day for SOCOM players as Sony has officially announced that the PS2 and PSP SOCOM games will be closing their servers this August. SOCOM has been available to the public for nearly 10 years now. Beginning on August 31st, the servers will be going offline permanently. On August 31, 2012 Sony Computer Entertainment America […]

BF3 – Leaked Battlefield Premium Fact Sheet Reveals All News 129

News 129 Update 2: The official Battlefield Twitter account recently had this to say regarding Battlefield Premium, acknowledging and confirming its existence: “Excitement for ‪BF3‬ Premium can’t be contained! More details & info coming to and this feed June 4th.” Original Story: Sent in by many MP1st readers (thank you all so very much), we’ve got our hands on what looks like the […]

Metro: Last Light – Multiplayer Confirmed and New Screenshots News 16

News 16 Though details at the moment are light, 4A Studio, the masterminds behind Metro: 2033, have confirmed to IGN that Metro: Last Light will contain multiplayer. For those who remembered the first game, then bugs aren’t something your unfamilair with. Often times, random bugs such as invisible enemies, clipping through walls, and other annoyances would occur. 4A […]

Battlefield Premium Accidentally Confirmed by Sony, Allegedly Releases June 4th On PSN Along With Close Quarters News 35

News 35 Seems like the official European PlayStation Blog may have “accidentally” released information concerning the much rumored Battlefield 3 Premium service. According to the store preview from the blog post (now fixed), Battlefield 3 will be releasing it’s premium service on June 4th along with the first new multiplayer expansion pack, Close Quarters. The pricing for […]

Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Multiplayer DLC Gets a Launch Trailer, Now Live on Xbox 360 and PC, Soon on PS3 News 6

News 6 BioWare shows off their brand new Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Rebellion in this exciting launch trailer giving us a look at some of the new maps, characters and weapons as well as a brand new objective mode. Read here to learn more about Mass Effect 3: Rebellion and what’s included in this free DLC. Mass […]

Treyarch Dev Teases Black Ops II Multiplayer HUD and Custom Games Settings, Debunks Old Rumor News 19

News 19 David Vonderhaar of Treyarch talks about the new multiplayer HUD for Call of Duty: Black Ops II as the team tries to strike a balance between a great art style and readability and teases some upcoming intel. “So fired up right now,” tweeted Vonderhaar recently. “UI team put together an MP HUD visual design. Clean […]

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