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Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Elite DLC to Release on April 12th News 6

News 6 Call 0f Duty Elite drops 4, 5, and 6 will release on April 12th for PS3 Modern Warfare 3 owners. Last month, on the latest episode of Roll Call, it was revealed that PS3 owners should expect drops 4 through 6 on or around April 12th. However, Activision’s Dan Amrich stated that the date was […]

Halo 4 Rumor – Elite Not Returning, No Spawn Delays, and More Multiplayer Details News 31

News 31 Information pertaining to the May issue of Game Informer has been leaked by Halo Waypoint forum user, How Is Your Day. This leak contains information concerning Halo 4 multiplayer. According to the forum post, mild spoilers ahead: Spartan Points Spartan Points is the new currency system in Halo 4. They will buy things such as armor, armor abilities, […]

Gears of War 3 – Easter Weekend Event News 3

News 3 We have new information regarding the upcoming Gears of War 3’s Easter Weekend event. According to Epic Games senior multiplayer programmer Peter Knepely, Horde will be receiving the classic treatment this weekend, meaning no fortifications, no bonus objectives, no respawns and no lambent enemies. The multiplayer portion will also be receiving 2x XP, with a custom gametype titled […]

Arma 3 ‘Stratis’ Teaser and Animation Report News 17

News 17 Bohemia Interactive has released a brand new teaser video of Arma 3. In this trailer you’ll get a glimpse of what’s been improved in Arma3 in terms of graphics and animations. Although you can’t get much of an idea of what’s been improved, the team has stated in a recent blog post that animations for […]

BioWare Announces Free ME3 Multiplayer DLC: Resurgence Pack, Operation: Beachhead Begins This Weekend News 8

News 8 This weekend seems to be a big one for BioWare. On top of another Mass Effect 3 multiplayer community event, brand new multiplayer DLC has been announced which will include new maps, weapons and characters. Oh, it’s also free. In a message coming in from General Hackett himself, “allied forces have matched Krogan mercs and […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Videos Detail Weapons and Equipment Used In-Game, New Screens Released News 28

News 28 In our last Medal of Honor: Warfighter report, Danger Close revealed all of the Global Tier 1 Operator Units that players will be able to step into the shoes of this October 23rd. Read here to find out more. This week, Executive Producer Greg Goodrich speaks with partners Ron Canfield of SureFire and Tom Munson […]

Microsoft Picks Up Several ‘Halo Infinity’ and ‘Spartan Ops’ Domain Names News 4

News 4 Microsoft has registered quite a few domain names revolving around ‘Halo Infinity’ and ‘Spartan Ops,’ according to Fusible. It should be noted that Infinity was the name of a Halo Combat Evolved map released exclusively to PC version of the game. Several domains names were purchased by Microsoft containing ‘Halo Infinity,’ except for, which seems […]

Starhawk Gets a Vehicle Trailer – Ride, Die, and Fly News 5

News 5 Sony and LightBox interactive have released a brand new trailer for PlayStation 3 exclusive Starhawk, which is set to release May 8th, showcasing four vehicles in the game, Sidewinder JetBike, Razorback, Ox Heavy Tank, and Hawk.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta Dated and Ghost Recon Network Revealed News 15

News 15 Ubisoft announced today that the beta for Ghost Recon Future Soldier will drop on April 19th and will stay live until May 2nd on PS3 and Xbox 360. As detailed on the official site, the beta will give you access to the following: Three classes (Rifleman, Engineer and Scout) and unlock new gear to battle […]

‘MP1st Official’ Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Server is Now Live News 67

News 67 A good day on the Battlefield! MP1st has officially gone live with our Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 server. Make sure to search ‘MP1ST OFFICIAL’ in the server browser and add it to your favorites. We will be featuring a mix of Conquest, Rush and TDM game modes but will also be mixing it up often […]

Brand New Far Cry 3 Multiplayer Details and Gameplay Footage News 36

News 36 What has Ubisoft been up to lately, you ask? Why, showing off some Far Cry 3 multiplayer, of course. Brand new gameplay footage has begun to surface as has a good chunk of juicy new details, including new game modes. Well, one of these game modes, Domination, isn’t so new to the FPS market, but […]

Ghost Recon Future Soldier PC Specs and Release Dates Announced News 13

News 13 Ubisoft has finally announced a release dates and specs for the PC version of their latest entry into the Tom Clancy series. Ghost Recon Future Soldier will release on the PC on June 12th in NA and on June 15th in the UK. Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are set to release in NA on […]

Bungie Releases Staggering Halo Multiplayer Stats News 8

News 8 With Bungie working on an unannounced project to be published by Activision, the studio has released an epic Halo infographic to reflect on over a decade of multiplayer goodness. As of March 31st, no longer tracks Halo multiplayer statistics. You will now need to head over to in order to access live Halo data. However, Bungie […]

Battlefield 3 Rent A Server Trailer, Additional Xbox 360 Patch Notes News 53

News 53 In celebration of Battlefield 3 private servers making their way to consoles, DICE has released a brand new trailer highlighting all of the features that can be tweaked to make your very own private server. Also, additional patch notes for the Xbox 360 have been posted on the Battlelog wich you can view below. Xbox […]

Incoming Battlefield 3 Battlelog Update – the Live Scoreboard News 20

News 20 Gone are the days of joining a server at its last five tickets or last five seconds! In the coming weeks, the Battlelog will be receiving an interesting update called the Live Scoreboard. The Live Scoreboard is exactly what it sounds like, a scoreboard that can be viewed live – at the same time as […]

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Patch Now Live, Fix for Heat Seekers and TV-missiles on PS3 and 360 News 54

News 54 DICE has released latest Battlefield 3 patch for Xbox 360 bringing a slew of fixes and tweaks. Also, there will be a server side fix for both Xbox 360 and PS3 to iron out problems with heat seekers and TV-missles. Update: Gustav Halling has asked via Twitter, “PS3 and Xbox players, is there any improvement […]

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Patch Announced To Release April 3rd, Patch Notes Included News 55

News 55 DICE has announced on the Official Battlefield 3 Blog that the Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 patch will be available to download on the April 3rd. Release times are as follows: Between 9 AM UTC – 1 PM UTC Between 5 AM EST – 9 AM EST Between 2 AM PST – 6 AM PST On top of all […]

Upcoming Battlefield 3 Tweaks to Suppression, Shotguns and Hopefully Vehicles – More News on Xbox 360 Patch News 63

News 63 With the recent Battlefield 3 patch out and in the hands of controller squeezing, mouse grabbing, keyboard smashing Battlefielders, many are noticing faces of the good, the bad, and the ugly. DICE Senior Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz responds to fan feedback and reveals what’s in store for future tweaks. Let’s start with the good: Shotgun […]

Team2Bit’s “Fist Puncher” Kickstarter Campaign Kicks Off News 1

News 1 We’ve had the opportunity to chat with “The Next Game Boss” winners Team2Bit in the past, and the brothers Lewandowski are amping up their goals yet again with old school brawler Fist Puncher. Fist Puncher, an 8-bit brawler featuring a slew of on-screen enemies, bosses, levels, secrets, and skills, is still an anticipated 2012 release, […]

Battlefield 3 Dev Reveals Current Battlerecorder is “Useless Junk” News 80

News 80 In the latest Battlefield 3 community podcast, Don’t Revive Me Bro was lucky enough to feature special guest, Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE. Speaking of many subjects, Kertz had some very interesting things to say regarding the much sought-after and highly anticipated Battlerecorder. Part way through the podcast, Kertz was asked what the […]

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