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Mortal Kombat 11 Sindel Gameplay Shows Combos, Fatalities & More News 0

News 0 A new fighter is set to enter the Mortal Kombat 11 arena later this month, and it’s none other than the Scream Queen, Sindel! In a press release, Warner Bros. has revealed our first look at Mortal Kombat 11 Sindel gameplay, as well as the release date and more. As the former Queen of Edenia […]

Rainbow Six Siege New Operation “Shifting Tides” Announced, Operators and Gadgets First Look Here News 0

News 0 Rainbow Six players, another Raibow Six Siege new Operation has been announced, and once again, it’ll be bringing two new Operators to freshen things up! Called “Operation Shifting Tides,” players will get to play as Kali and Wamai — an Attacker and Defender — who hails from India and Kenya respectively. Same as before, this […]

Modern Warfare Character Animations Produce Weapon Sway, Affecting Lasers and Giving Away Player Position News 1

News 1 If you’re rocking the laser attachments in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you might want to see this. It seems your character in-game has an involuntary animation where they fidget a bit, and if you’re using the laser, this could give away your position. Check out what we mean below. As you can clearly see […]

Death Stranding Comparison – Do the Visuals Live Up to the Trailers? News 2

News 2 We take a look at the visual progression of Death Stranding throughout the years. We opted not to go with a full-screen side by side comparison, because often the images would desync due to their difference in appearance and animations. E3 2016 Reveal Trailer: What’s the Difference? First up is the original 2016 reveal trailer. […]

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Next Grand Prix “Neon Circus’ Announced, Here’s What’s Included News 0

News 0 Those who are having a grand time with Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled, Beenox has announced the Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled next Grand Prix! Called “Neon Circus,” it will include a new track, new game mode, new karts and more. Starting on November 8, players will be able to race around a new track […]

Watch Almost 2 Hours of Overwatch 2 PvE and PvP Gameplay News 0

News 0 Just the other day, Blizzard Entertainment released our first gameplay look at Overwatch 2. While we’re getting new maps, and heroes in Overwatch 2, we’re also getting a new PvE (player vs enemy AI) mode as well. Fortunately for us, we don’t need to wait long to see some Overwatch 2 PvE gameplay! YouTuber ohnickel […]

Modern Warfare ADS Gun Attachments Stats Guide – How to Lower ADS Time News 0

News 0 For those playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer, you have no doubt earned attachments for your weapons by earning kills in the game. Unfortunately, almost every attachment in the game lowers your ADS (aim down sight) time, which is a big deal in an arcade shooter like Call of Duty. If you’re curious how […]

Diablo 4 Gameplay Revealed as Part of Official Announcement News 0

News 0 While shooter fans might have gotten a treat today with the announcement and gameplay reveal of Overwatch 2, RPG fans are in a similar situation now as Blizzard has also shown off our first look at Diablo 4 gameplay! Officially called “Diablo IV,” Blizzard has released a cinematic trailer, as well as a gameplay one […]

Remant From the Ashes New Roadmap Revealed, Hardcore Mode Out Tomorrow News 0

News 0 Gunfire Games has struck gold with Remnant: From the Ashes, as the game has now sold more than one million units announced via a press release. In addition to that, the Remnant From the Ashes new roadmap for 2019-2020 has been revealed, as well as an announcement that Hardcore mode will be dropping tomorrow! Remnant […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game Latest Trailer Dives Into the Game’s Story, Customization, Multiplayer, and More News 0

News 0 Crystal Dynamics has released a brand-new trailer for Marvel’s Avengers, giving us some fresh new details on the game’s world along with it’s multiplayer. In the short, yet detailed Avenges game latest trailer that was published today on the PlayStation Blog, Cyrstal Dynamics game overview video rounds up the story details we know thus far, […]

Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific Gameplay News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, a new patch dropped today for Battlefield 5, and it includes the files for Chapter 5: War in the Pacific, which will be playable this Thursday. If you can’t wait to see what new maps, and other stuff have been rolled out by DICE, we have your back! Courtesy of […]

Need For Speed Heat Launch Trailer Released and There’s 2 of Them News 0

News 0 We are almost one week away from the launch of Need For Speed Heat, and to help draw up some hype EA Games and PlayStation have released the final trailers for the racing game! Check out the Need for Speed Heat launch trailer 1 & 2 below. This first trailer was pushed put on the […]

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2019 Trailer Reminds Us What’s Coming Tomorrow News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, Bungie is joining in the Halloween festivities starting tomorrow by bringing back the Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2! Just to remind you of what to expect, check out this Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2019 trailer. Festival of the Lost is a time for Guardians to […]

Modern Warfare Ground War Nuke Is a Real Thing & Here’s How to Pull It Off, Chopper Blades Can Kill News 0

News 0 It’s no secret by now that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare brings back the ever-popular Nuke gameplay mechanic that ends a match. While that’s doable in a normal match by killing off 30 enemies straight just by weapons only (watch it here), it seems you can also do a Modern Warfare Ground War Nuke as […]

Here’s Our First Look at Modern Warfare Nuke Gameplay Before the Game Launches News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, the Nuke is back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare! For those not familiar with how it works, the Nuke is a match-ending killstreak reward wherein the player must earn 30 straight kills just by using weapons, and nothing else. Before the game launches later, you can catch our first […]

Hitman 2 Halloween Escalation Contract Arriving Tomorrow and Will Be Free for All News 0

News 0 IO Interactive has a treat for Hitman 2 players, and that’s with a Hitman 2 Halloween Escalation Contract! Set to arrive tomorrow on October 22, it will be a free content update for all players who downloaded the (free) Hitman 2 Starter Pack. Halloween comes to HITMAN 2 with a themed Escalation Contract that promises […]

Watch Modern Warfare Gameplay of the P90, FAL, Kar98 and More Before Launch News 3

News 3 With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare already in the hands of some people, it’s just a matter of time before we see gameplay out in the wild, and that’s exactly what has happened. Check out Modern Warfare gameplay of the P90, FAL, and other weapons. Report: Early Copies of Modern Warfare Are Being Sold for […]

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Details and Schedule Announced in New Trailer News 0

News 0 If you’re a Borderlands 3 player and you’re looking forward to new content, that wish is being granted this week by Gearbox! Today, the Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest details have been announced, which includes the schedule, and some of the content players can expect. The Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest schedule has been revealed, and this […]

World War Z Horde Mode Shown Off in New Trailer, Season 2 Content Teased News 1

News 1 If you’re a fan of Saber Interactive’s zombie-slaying game World War Z, you might be thinking how perfect the game would be with a horde mode. Well, that’s about to become a reality really soon! Saber released a new trailer highlighting the World War Z Horde mode (called Horde Mode Z), and some of the […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Spec Ops Survival Mode Trailer Shows Us What’s Exclusive to PS4 News 1

News 1 In case you didn’t know, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare might have done away with exclusive, timed map packs and post-launch content with the PS4, but it’s getting a part of Spec Ops mod exclusive to the platform for a year.  Today, PlayStation released a look at the Modern Warfare Spec Ops Survival mode trailer […]

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