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Hitman 2 Halloween Escalation Contract Arriving Tomorrow and Will Be Free for All News 0

News 0 IO Interactive has a treat for Hitman 2 players, and that’s with a Hitman 2 Halloween Escalation Contract! Set to arrive tomorrow on October 22, it will be a free content update for all players who downloaded the (free) Hitman 2 Starter Pack. Halloween comes to HITMAN 2 with a themed Escalation Contract that promises […]

Watch Modern Warfare Gameplay of the P90, FAL, Kar98 and More Before Launch News 2

News 2 With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare already in the hands of some people, it’s just a matter of time before we see gameplay out in the wild, and that’s exactly what has happened. Check out Modern Warfare gameplay of the P90, FAL, and other weapons. Report: Early Copies of Modern Warfare Are Being Sold for […]

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Details and Schedule Announced in New Trailer News 0

News 0 If you’re a Borderlands 3 player and you’re looking forward to new content, that wish is being granted this week by Gearbox! Today, the Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest details have been announced, which includes the schedule, and some of the content players can expect. The Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest schedule has been revealed, and this […]

World War Z Horde Mode Shown Off in New Trailer, Season 2 Content Teased News 1

News 1 If you’re a fan of Saber Interactive’s zombie-slaying game World War Z, you might be thinking how perfect the game would be with a horde mode. Well, that’s about to become a reality really soon! Saber released a new trailer highlighting the World War Z Horde mode (called Horde Mode Z), and some of the […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Spec Ops Survival Mode Trailer Shows Us What’s Exclusive to PS4 News 1

News 1 In case you didn’t know, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare might have done away with exclusive, timed map packs and post-launch content with the PS4, but it’s getting a part of Spec Ops mod exclusive to the platform for a year.  Today, PlayStation released a look at the Modern Warfare Spec Ops Survival mode trailer […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Preload Info Revealed, New PC Trailer Released News 0

News 0 Those wondering when you can initiate the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare preload, the answer is, it depends which platform you’re on, and where you are in the world. Today, Activision revealed the Modern Warfare preload info for all three platforms, as well as a new PC trailer. Modern Warfare PS4 Preload: Preloading is now […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 4K 60fps PC Trailer Released News 0

News 0 Rockstar Games have released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2, running in glorious 4K at 60 frames-per-second. If you thought Red Dead 2 looked amazing then, go watch the Red Dead Redemption 2 4K 60fps trailer now! Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC brings the epic story of […]

Mortal Kombat 11 Halloween Event Details and Schedule Announced News 0

News 0 As expected, NetherRealm Studios has announced a Mortal Kombat 11 Halloween event, which is set to start next week on October 25, and will run until November 1. Not only that, but the studio also announced the Mortal Kombat 11 Halloween event details such as what stuff players can earn and more. Players will be […]

League of Legends Fighting Game Officially Announced, Watch Our First Look at Gameplay News 0

News 0 Riot Games celebrated the 10th anniversary of League of Legends earlier today, with the announcement that the game is coming to consoles and mobiles, and what’s more, that they’re developing a shooter based on the brand, too. However, the studio isn’t stopping there. A League of Legends fighting game has also been announced! Revealed during […]

League of Legends FPS Being Developed, Here’s Our Early Look News 0

News 0 Riot Games, the studio behind MOBA mega-hit League of Legends, is making a competitive first-person shooter (FPS) based on the brand. Codenamed “Project A,” this League of Legends FPS will feature characters like Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege. Announced during the League of Legends’ 10th anniversary livestream, this game will take place on a near-future […]

Zombie Army 4 Release Date Announced, Check Out the New Gameplay Trailer News 0

News 0 Are you a fan of shooters? Zombies? Do you like killing hordes of zombies and shooting? If so, Zombie Army 4: Dead War might be just the game for you! In a press release, Rebellion announced the Zombie Army 4 release date, which is set for February 4, 2020 for the PS4, Xbox One, and […]

Here’s 15 Minutes of GTFO Gameplay Showcasing 4-Player Survival Horror Action News 0

News 0 If you’re tired of the endless shooters that has you playing against other people, perhaps you want something more cooperative in nature? If so, you might want to check out GTFO by 10 Chambers Collective. GTFO, for those not familiar, is a four-player survival horror first-person shooter, that has you playing together with other players […]

Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass Trailer Revealed, Shows New Features Incoming News 0

News 0 With Epic Games pulling Fortnite down for something new, it seems we now have an idea just what that is, and it’s all thanks to this Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass trailer that shows some of the new features coming to the super-popular game. As you can see, we’ll be getting a new map, which […]

Apex Legends Halloween Event Trailer Reminds What’s Coming Tomorrow News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, Respawn Entertainment is starting the Apex Legends Halloween event tomorrow called “Fight or Fright,” and along with it, players can expect new content to obtain and more. To remind everyone of this, and to hype everyone up, the studio has released a new trailer. While we’ll post the full patch […]

Thrustmaster PS4 eSwap Pro Controller Announced and It Looks Amazing News 1

News 1 There’s a new customizable PlayStation 4 controller that’ll be hitting the market real soon, and its by the makers of popular flight sticks and racing wheels, Thrustmasters. Officially called the Thurstmaster eSwap Pro Controller, this new controller offers more than just paddles and back buttons. For the full list of features of the Thrustmaster PS4 […]

The Division 2 Episode 2 Release Date Announced, Check Out the New Trailer and What’s Coming News 0

News 0 The Division 2 players, Ubisoft has announced the date of the next content drop for the looter shooter! In a press release, Ubisoft has announced The Division 2 Episode 2 release date! Called “Episode 2 – Pentagon: The Last Castle,” this free DLC will be released on October 15 for Year 1 Pass holders and […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Spec Ops Trailer Shows Teamwork and a Bit of Gameplay News 0

News 0 Today, Activision and Infinity Ward have released our first look at the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Special Ops! Called “Spec Ops,” in past Call of Duty games, this game mode values teamwork more than anything else, which is highlighted in this Modern Warfare Spec Ops trailer! Special Ops, one of Call of Duty’s most-beloved […]

Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation First Finishers Are the Ascend Clan, Watch It All Unfold Here News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, Destiny 2’s latest expansion also brought with it a new raid mission called “Garden of Salvation.” As is with every Destiny raid, a ton of clans worldwide race to become the first ones to finish it, and the Ascend clan has been crowned as the Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Launch Trailer Highlights the Campaign News 0

News 0 This year’s Call of Duty is almost here! Activision has released the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launch trailer, and it puts the spotlight on the campaign, and what action it brings. Go watch it now in case you need to get hyped even more. Speaking of the campaign, we have a good idea on […]

Marvel’s Avengers Won’t Feature Local Co-Op, Here’s a Look at Every Character Finisher and Costume News 9

News 9 While Marvel’s Avengers will feature four-player multiplayer, don’t expect any offline co-op to be available at all. In a presentation at the New York Comic-Con, Crystal Dynamics Head of Studio Scot Amos confirmed that there will be no Avengers game local co-op feature. While that might be bad news for most, here’s some good stuff […]

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