Best Elden Ring Early Game Rune Farming Areas to Help Level Up Fast

Elden Ring Rune Farming Spot early Game Guide

Elden Ring is finally out, and while there’s no doubt many of you are already hours deep into the journey of becoming an Elden Lord, it’s likely you’ve probably hit somewhat of a roadblock against the game’s tough enemies. Thankfully, there are some easy, quick ways of farming runes early on that will certainly help you overcome those challenges. MP1st is here to help wih our best Elden Ring early game rune farming guide!

Best Elden Ring Early Game Rune Farming Areas:

While Elden Ring is proving to be quite a difficult game for many, it has, in the very least, given players a few ways to better prepare themselves. More specifically, the starting area of Limgrave has some pretty good early game rune farming spots that can be exploited to reach as high as level 40.

For those who got the chance to play the technical test, no doubt that these two spots will be familiar (think of this article as a refresher).

For new players who haven’t kept up and are looking at trying to make Elden Ring a little easier, down below you’ll find two rune farming spots that I highly recommend to use during the starting region. This means if you haven’t beaten Migret or Goldrick yet at Castle Stormveil, then you may want to consider beefing up a bit before taking on the challenging task. So without further, here are two spots that I have been using (and one I still use during late game from time to time).

Requirements – Trusty Steed

First things first, you are going to need a few things in order for these spots to be effective at rune farming. The first one being the steed , which should come natural when heading to one of these spots.

After completing the opening sequence and reaching Limgrave’s open-world area, you will immediately want to beeline it to the church just north to activate the Site of Grace point. This should be the very first one you activate, and with it it will show you the general direction of where to go next, which is north to a location called Stormviel Castle.

However, before actually arriving at the first set of gate, you should see a Site of Grace. The path way is outlined in the map below.

Once activated, a cutscene will ensure with the maiden, in which case she will give you the Spectral Steed Whistle to summon Torrent. Equip it, as this is your main form of traversing the world of Elden Ring.

From here you have two ways to go; you can either continue going north up to castle Stormveil or you go south east and do a bit of exploring. Either location house great early game rune farming, and those specific details can be found below.

Limgrave Rune Farming Spot 1

The first spot on this list is just south east of the main gate where you got Torrent. Summon it, and follow the pathway, crossing a bridge and eventually running into a caravan with two giants hauling a wagon.

Don’t engage just yet, instead you will want to get the Site of Grace point, which is at a dungeon just north of here. There is a mini boss encounter, though it shouldn’t be all that hard. Luckily there is a Stake of Marika here too, so technically the Site of Grace isn’t needed, but it would certainly help.

Once you have unlocked this Site of Grace, it’ll be time for some farming. Summon Torrent again and then start attacking the giants. Don’t worry they’re easier than they seem, and because they are chained up, they won’t be chasing you around, making them easy prey. Hack away at their legs and keep moving so you don’t get caught up in their attacks.

These guys reward 1,000 runes each, giving you 2,000 runes a run plus some more if you take out the additional enemies wandering behind them. The only disadvantage with this spot however is that there is an enemy riding a horse who can be a bit of a challenge. It is recommended you deal with that one first before fighting the two giants.

Limgrave Rune Farming Spot 2

The second spot I recommend is north beyond the gate where you got Torrent. Summon it, ride right through everything and follow this path to this Site of Grace point, which is called “”Warmaster’s Shack”

There will be a shack here with an NPC that sells Ashes of War. Use the Site of Grace and you’ll be ready for perhaps one of Elden Ring’s best early rune farming spots.

Behind the shack is a large open field, filled with giants — five to be exact. These aren’t chained up like the ones from the first spot, meaning they will chase you around, but if you play it smart you can deal with each one at a time.

These guys reward 1,000 runes each, though sometimes randomly, an enemy will also drop 5,000 runes. That means that you can triple (or even earn 5x) the amount of runes in a given run if you’re lucky. Once you’ve nailed down the strategy to taking down these giants, you should be clearing this area in roughly a minute and a half. That means you could potentially be getting up to 200,000 runes every hours. However, the grind does get a bit much once you’ve reached around level 40, but that should get you through castle Stormveil by then, opening up to better rune farm spots.

And that’s it! The two best rune farming spots in Elden Ring that I recommend for very early game. Hope this guide helped, and stay tune as we will be covering other rune spots in the future!

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