14 Apex Legends New Legends Unearthed via Datamining, Here Are Their Names and Known Abilities

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While Respawn Entertainment has released just one new legend in each new season of Apex Legends, it seems new info unearthed from datamined files suggest that the studio has a lot more Apex Legends new legends set to be released in the game’s foreseeable future.

In a new video, reliable YouTuber Drift0r revealed that new datamined info shows a total of 14 new legends that have been found in the game’s files! Note that these legends have names, and even abilities, though their abilities seem to be placeholders for now, with some legends being listed down with either too many abilities, or some that sound way too overpowered.

Note that these names and abilities have NOT been confirmed by Respawn, and as such, these characters could be renamed, their abilities re-purposed, or not even be released at all. But for now, these Apex Legends new characters are part of the game’s code. Also, some of these legends’ skills seem to be apt for the upcoming PvE mode, and not for PvP.

Name Primary ability Passive ability Ultimate
Blackout Poison dagger Infiltrator Death recall
Poison bomb
Shadow walk
shadow door
Blisk Throwing knife Payday Bounty reward
Crypto Surveillance drone Drone EMP
Downfall Fire sale Burning anger Rain of Fire
Hisaria Flashbang Shotgun kick
Concussive breaching charge
Immortal Shield charger Hard to kill
Rise of the Phoenix
Shield teardown
Jericho Shiedlbreaker javelin On your 6 Ballistic shield
Nomad Loot compass Packed mule Crafting table
Prophet Spotter sight Sniper training Triple tap
Rampart My Friend Maxim Fixer Amped cover
Cover Fire
Rosie Burglar’s best friend Eye for quality
Supply for Demand
Black market boutique
Scudder Debris trap Light Step
Drum barrier grenade
Volk VTOL jets Afterburners Skyward

If you want a detailed description of the abilities, I suggest watching the video below.

Again, none of these Apex Legends new legends have been confirmed, so take everything with a grain of salt, alright?

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