20 Minutes of Lords of the Fallen Gameplay Showcasing Mechanics Revealed

lords of the fallen gameplay

HexWorks has unveiled twenty minutes of Lords of the Fallen gameplay. The gameplay showcases a few of the many diverse and harrowing environments that players will journey through in their quest to overthrow Adyr, the demon God.

You can watch the full Lords of the Fallen gameplay presentation here:

Lords of the Fallen takes place in a vast, semi-open world. With each major area in the game being interconnected with at least two others, players can venture through the lands in any order they prefer. Although, you will have to survive two worlds in this extensive RPG, thanks to the game’s unique dual-realm mechanic.

The Lords of the Fallen gameplay presentation provides new details on the game’s uninterrupted co-op feature. Players can invite a friend to join their adventure or be paired up with a random person. Once connected, the co-op companion will fight beside you as long as either of the player desire.

Moreover, Lords of the Fallen will also be introducing the ability for players to craft their own vestiges, though can only be done in very select places and requires an extremely rare resource to do so.

All of this and additional details can be found in the gameplay presentation above. The upcoming Lords of the Fallen game reboots the series when it releases on October 13 for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

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