A Guide to Future Minecraft Updates

The original version of Minecraft was released all the way back in 2009, and it is still the world’s number one selling game across platforms. While a decade has passed since this game was released, it still enjoys a huge following. The game’s legacy is so strong that it has its own convention, called Minecon, which runs every year and keeps fans up to date with the latest Minecraft news. 

Minecon ensures that the developers have a direct communication channel to players, and can let them know about the latest news and even has them vote on potential new updates. The most recent Minecon convention took place in December of 2019, where several new and exciting updates to the game were announced. 

Game Updates

We’ll take a look at some of the latest features and functions added to the Minecraft universe. These add-ons, events and new games will help to enhance gameplay and the whole overall game playing experience. 

Creator Tools for Improving your Gaming Experience

Users will now be given more control over creating new tools and experiences within the game, with this upcoming feature for the Bedrock edition of the game. Users who are capable of writing script can introduce new benefits, rewards and perks. Data-Driven Player Rendering tools will allow a gamer to do more than just change skins. This cool feature will allow players to change the game’s animations and give them the ability to customize game characters to how they desire instead of just changing their outer appearance.

Realms Plus 

Realms gives 10 players the ability to play on the same screen on the same server. This allows players to team up to take on different tasks enjoy the Minecraft experience together. Realms also has a “plus” version that will allow users to get access to 50 items from the Marketplace. Realm Plus Players will also receive monthly material rewards for as long as they keep their subscription. While Java edition players on PC have had the ability to create and grow their own hosted Minecraft server for some time, Microsoft seem to really be pushing this feature for Bedrock players.  

Bedrock Capes and Character Designer 

The Bedrock character creator feature has been launched on iOS, Android, Window 10 Edition, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. This platform allows players to fully design their own character. It will allow you to have more creativity and flexibility with manufacturing your own characters. And, at long last, capes are on the way for Bedrock players in the near future!

New Biomes

Soulsand Valley is a new biome for players to experience. It is a barren wasteland with creepy blue fog, fossils and blue flames. This creepy new place will be available for gamers to explore at some point in the future. 

Netherwart Forest Red has been purposely designed to get players lost and to keep them trapped inside of the forest. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find your way out of this strange place, but you might be spending some time there. Netherwart Forest is a thick forest with a dense atmosphere. The forest has swirling particles and other things that might make you afraid to ever go into the woods again.

The red version of Netherwart Forest is a pretty tough place to deal with. However, the blue version presents a whole new set of dangers and creepy things. This forest has bizarre fungus on the floor of the forest that you must avoid at all cost. It is also loaded with other things you will need to avoid. Netherwart Forest Blue is just one of the many new biomes awaiting players. 

The Piglins are Coming 

Mojang will introduce a new strange creature called the piglins. They’ll make their appearance in the Netherwart forest areas. They will also collect gold, and there will be zombified versions of these sub-human pig creatures. The piglins will create a more challenging environment for players, and are a fun new mob for players to battle with. 

Target Blocks for Creating Redstone Signals 

Redstone signals in Mojang’s popular game are necessary for controlling machinery and various cool contraptions. They can be used to automatically operate doors or complex mechanical creations. Target Blocks are going to be newly designed to create stronger signals. Players will be able to hit the targets in different spots to release different signal strengths, which should open up a whole new world of creative possibilities. 

Mojang Festival in 2020

Another game-related Festival by Mojang will take place in 2020. This festival will have everything that you will need to have a good time. There will be tournaments, exhibits, inclusive gameplay and live entertainment to help you to jam to the Minecraft vibe. Majong will show up to keep the festivities lively and fun. Festival goers will be treated to a 3-day weekend filled with lots of activities and fun things to do. The event will be broadcast live to people around the world. This will be one way for every fan to stay informed about what is happening with their favorite game and community. Keep your ears open for more information about this event.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is due to drop in early 2020, and will provide a new style of play for hardcore Minecraft fans. The gamine is in the style of an old-fashioned dungeon crawler, where players can explore, fight and collect treasure. Crafting won’t really be involved this time around, but players will have access to various weapons and other familiar gear. This will be a departure from the classic game style, but Minecraft fans are already highly anticipating this release.

These updates, alongside the recent global launch of Minecraft Earth, means there’s plenty to come from Minecraft over the next couple of years. 

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