Abandoned Tech Demo First Teaser Image Released

Abandoned Tech Demo teaser

Earlier today, developer Blue Box Game Studios announced their 2022 plans for the mysterious PS5 exclusive, Abandoned. With a tech demo planned alongside a full reveal, and then with a prologue game set to happen during Q1 2022 all brewing, the studio has finally given players a peek, as we now have our very first look at the studio’s tech demo.

If you missed the news, Blue Box Studios announced today that they had plans to start 2022 off with some major updates for their upcoming Abandoned project. While no firm dates were given outside of Q1 2022, Blue Box did say they would be releasing a promised Abandoned prologue game, as well as a reveal of the actual title, with a tech demo coming to players first. Here’s what they had to say concerning the tech demo.

With the start of the new year, we begin with a Tech Demo in the Realtime Experience app via a patch update bundled with a redesigned Realtime Experience app for a better user experience. The Tech Demo demonstrates the technology behind Abandoned in realtime showcasing visuals, audio and the DualSense Wireless Controllers’ haptic feedback feature that adds a new layer to the horror experience.

Despite not providing any glimpse of this on the studio’s blog, over on the PS5 console and PlayStation App news feed for the application, Blue Box have given us our first look at this very tech demo.

The text for the image reads:

We are preparing the Tech Demoinside the Realtime Experience app. A notification will be sent once the patch is ready.

Not a whole lot to go off of here, and judging from the game’s official description this most likely isn’t the main character.

The story. The story is centered around Jason Longfield, who wakes up in a strange forest. Abandoned and not remembering how he got there, Jason soon finds out that he was kidnapped and brought there for a dark purpose. Fighting for his survival, his main goal is escape.
As always, we will be sure to keep an eye on this one and should any new development be made we will update you all. 
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