AC Valhalla Next Update 1.4.1 Is for Data Restructuring, Players Need to Redownload Entire Game

AC Valhalla Next Update 1.4.1

Ubisoft is rolling out a new title update for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla next week (Title Update 1.4.1)! Unfortunately, this patch isn’t for new content, but for data restructuring. According to Ubisoft, AC Valhalla next update 1.4.1 is set to roll out sometime next week, and unfortunately, will require players to re-download the entire game as part of this data restructuring.

AC Valhalla Next Update 1.4.1 Data Restructuring Explanation:

The upcoming Title Update consolidates the game files, resulting in a smaller overall game size on all platforms. Additionally, performance should improve with this data restructuring, with faster loading screen times, improved world data streaming, and overall runtime performance.

Note that only the base game needs to be redownloaded. Expansions will not be affected by the restructuring.

The size of Title Update 1.4.1 for each platform can be found below.

Download size from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1:

  • PC ~78 GB
  • PS4 ~67 GB
  • PS5 ~40 GB
  • X1 ~62 GB
  • XS ~71 GB

Disc space used after installing 1.4.1

  • PC ~77 GB
  • PS4 ~75 GB
  • PS5 ~77 GB
  • X1 ~63 GB
  • XS ~72 GB

Disc space saved after rebase:

  • PC ~34 GB
  • PS4 ~30 GB
  • PS5 ~13 GB
  • X1 ~30 GB
  • XS ~44 GB

This is a bit of a bummer for sure, but hopefully, this means a better overall experience and whatnot which should make the additional download time worth it. Check out the roadmap for AC Valhalla right here to see what’s coming down the road.

Source: Ubisoft forums

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