Activision Now Selling New Warzone 2 DMZ Bundles That Are Literally Pay-to-Win Items

warzone 2 pay to win

With the introduction of Season 3 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, it’s a given that Activision would have new items for sale in the in-game store. However, what’s new here is that for the first time, Activision is now selling items in-game (a new Warzone 2 DMZ bundle) that will directly affect gameplay for those who buy it.

This new Warzone 2 DMZ bundle that offers a fourth Active Duty Operator slot as well as a Fender skin with a free Medium bagpack and a Sakin MG38 blueprint with a reduced Insured Cooldown has similarly earned ire from fans and has been labeled as “pay to win” by furious players.

The DMZ mode in Warzone 2 has been reworked in Season 3, introducing Active Duty Operator slots for players to bring in three different Operators and setups to a match. A fourth slot is also available, but has been locked behind the “Bomb Squad” DMZ bundle. The Bomb Squad bundle costs 1200 Call of Duty Points and grants access to the fourth slot, as well as the “EOD Specialist” Fender skin, the “Boom Proof” blueprint for the Sakin MG38 LMG, the “Concussive Conclusion” Weapon Sticker, and the “Which Wire!?” emblem.

Where players take issue is the fact that a fourth Operator slot being locked behind a paywall inherently makes the DMZ battlefield uneven, granting those who buy the bundle an unfair strategic advantage. Additionally, the EOD Specialist Fender skin includes a free Medium backpack for additional storage and the Boom Proof Sakin MG38 blueprint has a reduced Insured Weapon cooldown of only 15 minutes, meaning players with the bundle can exfiltrate with an increased number of items and can quickly reuse the insured weapon should they fail to exfiltrate with it.

Understandably so, the bundle has not been received well by fans and even content creators:

Having locked gameplay content behind a paywall, Activision has been accused of “pay to win” behavior:

So far, Activision and Infinity Ward have not addressed the issue, and have not revealed any alternate, free ways to obtain the fourth Operator slot or the unique benefits of the bundle. Outside of the new pay-to-win bundles for sale, Activision has also now started selling a “premium” Battle Pass in Season 3 alongside the traditional one.

Do you think the inclusion of the bundle is justified, or should it be removed? Let us know in the comments below.

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