Aliens: Colonial Marines – Escape Trailer Analysis, Xeno Classes and Female Character Spotted?

Today, a brand new multiplayer trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines was released.

In this trailer we get a good look at what classes were for the Xenomorphs (The Aliens) along with how they hunt their prey down in this 4 vs. 4 mode. Here’s a short analysis of the trailer which details the classes along with spotting a few things you may have missed.

The mode is called “Escape” and it will be a 4 vs. 4, Marines vs. Aliens mode. The goal is to escape (marines) or to hunt your prey down (Aliens). Both sides are playable, meaning that this isn’t some sort of co-op horde mode. Here’s the trailer to accompany the short analysis.

Thanks, Gamespot.

[youtube id=”2TfBP-NxjV4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

The Xenomorph Classes


  • Damage Resistance
  • Close Combat


  • Fastest in agility and speed
  • Ambusher: quick strike capability
  • Able to pin marine to the ground


  • Cranial Acid Pouches;
  • Long Range Acid capability
  • Able to Attack Marines By Spitting Acid

Is That A Girl?

The one thing however that truly spotted to me was that this trailer actually may have featured a female character.

Why is this so important? Well a few months back GearBox told the community that Aliens: Colonial would not feature any female characters in the Multiplayer mode. This announcement upset any Aliens fans seeing that the franchise was build heavily on strong female roles. I’m no 100% sure if that’s a female character, but by the look of that image it does look like that.

Some other things you may have missed from the trailer.


This has already been confirmed for a while, but yes the game will feature an engineer class so that you may place down turrets for further defense against the Xenomorphs.

Your Scanner

The infamous scanner makes a return.

Defend the player

GearBox is truly trying to make this as survival base as possible. In this shot you can see a player cutting down a door. In the trailer he says “I need 30 seconds” which is an indication that players will need to defend each other as the Xenomorph tries to prevent them from escaping.

Aliens Targeting System

It is never explained in the movies of how a blind creature is able to hunt so well. In this screenshot we are given an idea of how exactly they can see their prey.


I’m a bit iffy on this one as it does look like it has wheels, however the details and coloring all looks incomplete which may indicate that it’s just a falling structure. You can see it moving in with a swift turn so for now we will just say it’s a falling structure.

Aliens Colonial is set to release February 12th, 2013 for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and possible for the Wii U.

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