America’s First Dedicated eSports Arena To Be Built in Orange County, CA

In downtown Santa Ana, Orange County, California, eSports Arena CEO Paul Ward and COO Tyler Endres hope to turn a 13,500 square foot hall into America’s first arena dedicated exclusively to the sport of online gaming.

The building, picture below, boasts a 1,000 square foot stage, a 2,300 square foot mezzanine, and has the capacity to host 1000 physical spectators.


Inside, eSports Arena aims to host daily national events similar in style to competitions regularly hosted in South Korea, China, Ukraine, and Sweden. “On some weekends we’ll be hosting larger scale esports events, on weeknights we will be hosting leagues, qualifiers, launch events, broadcasts, and various entertainment events,” says Ward.

“For underserved communities we can really bring them to the next level of consistent highly produced events. For the new games that are looking for traction and exposure we can offer them the most cost effective method of making their title into a bona-fide esport.”

Aiming big, the company hopes to open three arenas across the continent by the end of 2014.

Thanks, TheDailyDot.

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