Anthem Cataclysm Secrets Map Marks Where You Need to Go

anthem cataclysm secrets

In this week’s big Anthem update, BioWare introduced the Cataclysm event to the freelancers playing the game that’s most likely starved for new content. If you’re checking the Cataclysm out, and a bit lost on where to go next, perhaps this Anthem Cataclysm secrets map will do the trick.

Thanks to Reddit user xJVlayhem who created this awesome Anthem Cataclysm secrets map (and even sent us one that we can use for this post), you’ll be able to find new events, enemies and more, marked!

If a lot of the stuff there doesn’t make sense to you, or you started Cataclysm and have no clue what Inversions, crystals and the like are, head on over to this Cataclysm breakdown and walkthrough by xJVlayhem to help you with your trek through the storm.

How are you liking the Cataclysm so far? Impressed by it or underwhelmed? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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