Anthem Christmas Decors Are Still Up and It’s February 2020

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While it might not have been the mega-hit BioWare and EA were hoping it would be, Anthem is still alive and being supported by the studio currently with weekly event updates and the like. Back in December, the studio rolled out the Icetide season which also brought in Christmas festivities to the game.

In perhaps a perfect example of the game’s state, the Christmas decor put up in-game by BioWare back in December, is still present in the game and it’s February 2020! Maybe the studio is hard at work on the next season and launching it soon, and they wanted to just change everything in one go? Regardless of reason, it doesn’t make the game look good — especially if you think about how other similar games are already prepping to launch Valentine’s Day events.

If others think this is BioWare abandoning the game, a reliable rumor surfaced last year that BioWare and EA are rebooting Anthem. While there’s no timetable for that (since it’s a rumor after all), I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens this year and coincides with the release of the next-gen consoles.

While BioWare has already released a patch for Anthem this year, let’s hope that the next one not only fixes bugs, but also brings in new content and maybe update the decors a bit too.