Anthem Update Today – Season of Skulls Week 2 Activities, and More Listed

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By the time you’re reading this, a new Anthem update today should have rolled out, and it brings a host of new challenges for the game’s Season of Skulls in-game event. For the full list of changes, head on over below. Note that this is a server-side update, and no download is required.

Anthem update today – Season of Skulls Week 2:

Happy Season of Skulls, Freelancers!

Though this is the first time all of you are partaking in the festivities of Bastion, the Season of Skulls is a time-honored tradition.

When darkness gathers across the lands, the wayfaring peoples of Bastion kindle torches, braziers, and bonfires to bring back the light. When painful memories cling to us about those who fell before their time, memories of joy, friendship, and camaraderie arise to take their place. When despair tries to take us and we feel more alone than ever, humanity comes together to cherish one another. It is a time of darkness and terrors, yes, but also a time of hope, remembrance, and light.

The world around us isn’t safe. That’s never been more apparent than it is now. But it is in the face of that danger—the constant challenges around us—that humanity has been forged to be strong and brave. The strength to fight and the bravery to stand back up when we fall, though, came at a cost. You’ve heard the stories. You’ve lived some of them yourselves. Few can say they haven’t lost someone, but the Season of Skulls is a time to remember what they stood for.

The world around us isn’t safe, but that’s why you’re here, Freelancers. You’re the heroes who protect us.

Season of Skulls

Though the first week of the Season of Skulls is about to end, there’s more to come! First, let’s look at what’s going to be active for the whole event.


  • Foul Echoes
  • Dark Arenas
  • Discordant Notes
  • Beast Slayer


  • Gloom Chaser
  • Pack Hunter

One Time-Only

  • Indomitable
  • Night Hunter
  • Defeat the Undying
  • Bone Collector: Experience
  • Bone Collector: Talented
  • Bone Collector: Adept
  • Score: Somber Courage
  • Score: Bloody Purpose
  • Score: Dark Resolve
  • Deadly Ambush
  • Swift Strike
  • Grandmaster of Sorrow
  • Grandmaster of Despair
  • Grandmaster of Anguish
  • Elimination: Dispel the Shades
  • Elimination: Turn the Hordes
  • Elimination: Banish the Monsters
  • Dawn Patrol
  • Lost in Darkness

There will also be recurring Freeplay events: Arcanist ResearchFreelancer Pilgrimage, and Sentinel Bonfire. In addition to these, you’ll be able to obtain brand-new Season of Skulls Lore Collections, too!

Season of Skulls — Week 1

As a reminder, Week 1 of the Season of Skulls ends today, so be sure to complete the following activities while you can!


To unlock the weekly anomaly, complete the three previously mentioned seasonal events.

  • Boss Event
    • Escari Elder: Up Up and Away

Echoes of Reality Arenas

  • Casja’s Forge
  • Sea of Takaro
  • Diana’s Landing


  • Turbo Gear – Gear recharge rate is increased
  • Ultimate Boost – Ultimate meter from kills is increased


Note that these are in addition to regular Daily/Weekly/Monthly challenges and are not the only ones active during this time.

  • Daily: Vermin Fiend
  • Daily: Dark Ranger III
  • Daily: Monstrous Colossus III
  • Daily: Unsettling Interceptor III
  • Daily: Uncanny Storm III

Season of Skulls — Week 2

Starting on Tuesday, October 22, things will change up. Here’s what’s coming next…


Again, to unlock the weekly anomaly, complete the three previously mentioned seasonal events: Arcanist Research, Freelance Pilgrimage, and Sentinel Bonfire. If you completed them in a previous week, the anomaly will automatically be unlocked.

  • Boss Event
    • Fury: The Undying

Echoes of Reality Arenas

Each week, we’ll add another arena to the list, keeping any from previous weeks as we go.

  • Crucible of Astrid (Added)
  • Casja’s Forge
  • Sea of Takaro
  • Diana’s Landing


  • Close Encounters – Shotguns and SMGs deal increased damage
  • Lightning Rod – Close-range kills chain lightning to nearby enemies


  • Daily: Howling Apparition
  • Daily: Uncanny Storm II
  • Daily: Dark Ranger II
  • Daily: Monstrous Colossus II
  • Daily: Unsettling Interceptor II

Store Refresh

Here’s what you’ll find in the Seasonal Store this week. As a reminder, Crystals can only be obtained from in-game events and activities, such as the Echoes of Reality.

Seasonal Store Items

Seasonal Store ItemsCrystal Cost
War Chest: Legendary5000
War Chest: Ranger2500
War Chest: Storm2500
Kung Fu Bring It1100
War Chest: Interceptor2500
War Chest: Colossus2500
Graphic: Night Lattice2300
War Chest: Weapon2000
War Chest: Melee1500
War Chest: Gear1500
War Chest: Support1000

The War Chest: Legendary is a new item to the game that guarantees a random Legendary drop upon opening.

Featured Store Items

Featured Store ItemsCoinsShards
Tuesday – Thursday
Wrap: Verdant Vertebrae61,000850
Wrap: Emperor’s Touch61,000850
The Shambling Dead16,000375
Layered: Carbon Fiber16,000375
Graphic: Skull Shriek36,000600
Decal: Banner of Bones12,000300
Friday – Monday
Skyborn Armor Pack61,000850
Howling Armor Pack61,000850
Fabric: Wyverns12,000300
Graphic: Teeth Bleed23,000475
The Vampire Awakens!18,000400
Painted: Dualtone Polish12,000300

We’ll be on the lookout for potential new gear and other datamined stuff as well/

Source: Reddit