Anthem Update Today for Season of Skulls: Week 4 Now Live

anthem update today

For those playing Anthem,BioWare has released an Anthem update today (hotfix, no download required), that brings in new challenges, items in the in-game shop and more.

Anthem update today – Season of Skulls: Week 4:

Season of Skulls — Week 4


To unlock the weekly anomaly, complete the three seasonal events each week: Arcanist Research, Freelance Pilgrimage, and Sentinel Bonfire.

  • Boss Event
    • Swarm Tyrant: No One Likes Spiders

Echoes of Reality Arenas

Each week, we’ll add another arena to the list, keeping any from previous weeks as we go.

  • Ring of Magnus (added)
  • Britaheim
  • Crucible of Astrid
  • Casja’s Forge
  • Sea of Takaro
  • Diana’s Landing


  • On the Edge
    • At low armor, damage dealt increases
  • Soldier’s Reward
    • Killing an enemy restores a small amount of shields


  • Daily: Crawling Horror
  • Daily: Uncanny Storm I
  • Daily: Dark Ranger I
  • Daily: Monstrous Colossus I
  • Daily: Unsettling Interceptor I

Store(s) Refresh

Here’s what you’ll find in the Seasonal Store this week. As a reminder, crystals can only be obtained from in-game events and activities, such as the Echoes of Reality or in Freeplay.

Seasonal Store ItemsCrystal Cost
War Chest: Legendary5000
War Chest: Ranger2500
War Chest: Storm2500
Entry Roar1100
War Chest: Interceptor2500
War Chest: Colossus2500
Graphic: Greed’s Glisten2300
War Chest: Weapon2000
War Chest: Melee1500
War Chest: Gear1500
War Chest: Support1000

As mentioned previously, the War Chest: Legendary is a new item to the game that guarantees a random Legendary drop upon opening it.

Featured Store ItemsCoinsShards
Shepard Shuffle23,000475
Graphic: Andromeda Initiative36,000600
Turian Armor Pack61,000850
Asari Armor Pack61,000850
Quarian Armor Pack61,000850
Krogan Armor Pack61,000850

In other Anthem news, the game’s Head of Live Service, Chad Robertson, has departed BioWare after 14 years of service.

Source: Reddit

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