Apex Legends Dashboarding Penalties Incoming Confirmed

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For those playing ranked in Apex Legends, chances are you might have encountered the now-infamous Apex Legends dashboarding method players do to avoid any Ranked Points (RP), and worst of all, not even get a loss on their record. Well, it seems that will change soon! Developer Respawn has confirmed Apex Legends dashboarding penalties are coming to the game!

Over on Twitter, Senior System Designer for Apex Legends Eric Hewitt replied to a fan asking if there’s an official way to report players for pulling the Apex Legends ranked dashboarding move.

As you can see above, Hewitt replied that there’s no need to report it manually, as the studio can see it in on their end. In another tweet, Hewitt confirmed that there will be “immediate punishment” in the future, and that things will be handled “soon.”

As for those worried that their legit disconnects from the game might be flagged as dashboarding, Hewitt states that players shouldn’t be worried, as long as they didn’t abuse the dashboarding trick.

My guess is, they can pretty much tell if it’s a random disconnect, as opposed ot one being done all the time.

This is definitely good news for ranked players of Apex Legends. Once we know more, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, did you know that Apex Legends was included in our Best of 2019 list? Read on to find out why.