Apex Legends Down With Connection Issues After Evolution Update (Update #3)

Apex Legends Down

With Respawn Entertainment launching the Evolution Collection Event today, the millions of Apex Legends players around the world should be checking out the new stuff, and whatnot in order to make the most of it. Unfortunately, Apex Legends down reports are coming in that prevents players from connecting to the game’s servers.

Apex Legends Down and Connection Issues for September 14:

Update: If you’re checking this to see if there are issues with Apex Legends this September 15, there is! Head on over here to keep updated.

Update #3 (9/14/21) 7:15PM ET: Respawn has announced that connectivity issues have been resolved again!

Update #2 (9/14/21) 6:35PM ET: It seems servers are having issues once more! It’s not just you! Here’s the latest update from Respawn:

We’ll be updating the post as more info becomes available.

Update: Respawn has announced that the issue has been resolved! If it’s still happening to you, let us know down in the comments.

Here’s the announcement from Respawn Entertainment regarding this issue:

Looks like Rampart got to tinkering early

We’re currently investigating an issue causing @playapex players to not be able to load into a lobby after updating to the 10.1 patch. Updates to come as we have them.

That’s a bummer. We’ll be updating this post as more info surfaces, so check back regularly. It seems those who didn’t install today’s update can connect just fine. Hopefully, we’ll get a solution soon.

If you haven’t been keeping tabs, here are the new content coming in with today’s Evolution event:

  • Rampart Arenas Extravaganza: Rampart has slipped into the Arenas, offering modded weapons at special discounts. These marked-down modded weapons replace their base version for the match, making lower tiers of that weapon unavailable.
  • Rampart’s Town Takeover: Rampart is opening the mod shop of her dreams, Big Maude,  located near Lava City in World’s Edge. This custom shop includes a paintball course out front; inside, players can use collected materials to purchase Rampart’s Custom Modded Paintball Weapons from the new Vend-it Machines that come fully kitted at different tiers.
  • Rampart’s Heirloom and Updates: Rampart’s getting her own “Problem Solver” in the form of a brand-new Heirloom pipe wrench, complete with a gumball dispenser. Also, Sheila has gone mobile with the new update.
  • Event-Limited Cosmetics: Unlock Legendary and Rare skins for Wraith, Octane, Pathfinder, Fuse, Bangalore, Rampart and Lifeline — giving us a glimpse into what our Legends could be with time and technology on their side.

You can check the complete patch notes for today right here.

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