Apex Legends Fight or Fright 2020 Start Date Set for Oct. 22, Features “Shadow Royale”

Apex Legends Fight or Fright 2020

Apex Legends players looking for a Halloween event in the game will soon be getting it, as Respawn Entertainment has announced the Apex Legends Fight or Fright 2020 start date! Players can take part starting on October 22, and the event will run until November 3!

Check out the trailer below to see what spooks and ghoulies you’ll be seeing this week! There’s a new “Shadow Royale” mode incoming, and it’ll be propped up against a nighttime version of King’s Canyon!

Trick-or-treat yourself to the Fight or Fright Event, October 22 – November 3! Scary new mode, spooky challenges, and spectacular rewards. Learn More

Play the new “Shadow Royale” LTM on Kings Canyon After Dark, where death is just the start. Respawn as a Shadow to haunt your enemies and help your squad. With freakish speed, deadly claws, and the ability to revive your teammates, you won’t miss a step. And you can keep going until your whole squad is wiped out. Plus complete frightening challenges to earn freaky free rewards and outfit your Legends with new and classic Halloween cosmetics in the store. Ready to terrorize the Arena?

We’ll be on the look out whether this Apex Legends Fight or Fright 2020 event will be rolled out via a patch (chances are it won’t) and will report if we spot any. In other Apex Legends news, don’t forget that a patch was released yesterday, and here’s what it does.

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