Apex Legends Grand Soiree Event Challenges Issue Acknowledged by Respawn, Fix Incoming Next Week

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Those playing Apex Legends and tackling the challenges in the newly released Grand Soiree Event, you might have noticed that these said challenges seem to be bugged, and aren’t being tracked. Thankfully, Respawn is aware of this Apex Legends Grand Soiree Event challenges issue.

Unfortunately though, the actual server side patch to fix this won’t be coming until next week. Here’s the message straight from EA:

Apex Legends Grand Soiree Event challenges issue mesage by Respawn:


Event Challenges are still active and your overall event progress is still being tracked even though you’re not seeing it. Event Challenges can still be viewed by checking the right side of your map screen while in a match.


We have a server patch planned to go live Wednesday morning that will fix Event and Daily/ Weekly challenges. For the affected players, your progress and rewards you’ve earned through the Event Challenges will be rewarded retroactively.

Note that Event Challenges can be viewed by checking the right side of the map screen while players are in a match. Of course, completing said challenges are bugged, so don’t expect any rewards for doing those. That said, Respawn has already announced that players will be retroactively awarded the rewards once challenges are complete, so play away!

This is bad timing as the Apex Legends third-person mode just became available today. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the changes made this past Tuesday in the official patch notes.