Apex Legends New Collection Event “Fight Night” Trailer Surfaces Before the Announcement

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It looks like Respawn Entertainment is springing one more new event for Apex Legends before the year is done! While the Apex Legends new Collection event hasn’t been announced or confirmed just yet, the trailer was accidentally posted earlier than its intended announcement in Japan, and it’s the “Fight Night’ event!

Check out the Apex Legends new Collection event “Fight Night” trailer below.

New skins for Revenant, Bloodhound and more can be seen in the event trailer above, which we think will be officially announced soon (maybe within the day or tomorrow). Once we know more details regarding this new event, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Speaking of Apex Legends events, don’t forget, the Holo Day Bash 2020 event is still on-going, so make sure to checj that one out.