Apex Legends Season 4 “Assimilation” Revealed, New Champion, Weapon & More

apex legends season 4

While Apex Legends players still have the Grand Soiree Arcade Event now, those who want something meatier might already be looking ahead to Apex Legends Season 4. Today, Respawn Entertainment has revealed the details of Apex Legends Season 4, which is called “Assimilation.” As one might expect, there are new weapons, a new legend and more.

The new legend’s name is Forge. He’s a brawler and a five-time champion of the Hyper Fighting League. ” He’s conquered the MMA world, and now he wants to conquer another with the Apex Games,” Respawn game writer Tom Casiello said on the livestream. Forge is also the first legend who is corporate-sponsored by Hammond Robotics. Titanfall fans will recognize that the name being a major manufacturing, aerospace and defence contractor allied with the IMC. Hammond produces considerable amounts of war material for the IMC cause, including Titans, Marvins and Spectres. Significant map changes are coming to World’s Edge. Although Respawn didn’t say much about the changes, they did mention that Hammond might have something to do with those changes.


A new weapon shown called the Sentinel. It’s a bolt-action sniper rifle and comes with a charge mechanic for shooting. Again, Respawn is tight-lipped on how the gun worked but did mention that the charge will influence decisions by the player if they should take its most powerful shot or the lighter shots.

Changes to ranked are included in Season 4, Respawn are replacing the Apex tier rank with master tier. Apex tier will only be granted to those that are the top 500 on each platform, so it is possible to fall out of the tier based on other players performance. They are also cutting the ranked seasons in half with a reset to ranks halfway through season 4. The biggest news included in the splitting of ranked is that the first half will take place on the World’s Edge map, with the second half taking place on the original King’s Canyon map.

The resets on ranks are soft resets, meaning that you will be deranked two full tiers, and asked to start ranking again from there. So if you are in platinum two at the end or middle of the season, you will enter the next season or split in silver two. The rewards for end of season rank will take into effect your highest position between both splits. Meaning if you hit gold in the first half, and diamond in the second, you will get the diamond rewards at the end of the season. If you achieve the same tier in both splits, you are rewarded with an animated icon based on the tier, instead of the standard static icon.

Also, coming with the new season are rewards for Apex’s first anniversary. Logging into Apex when the new season drops will net you a paper crane gun charm, an XP boost, and three different badges that players can receive. These will be rewarded based on when you first started playing Apex and will give those day one players a way to show off their legacy in the game.

More will be shown off through the next couple of weeks, and Respawn says they have a lot more to tease for Apex Legends Season 4. The new season kicks off on February 4, 2020.

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