Apex Legends Update 1.34 Rolled Out

Apex Legends Update 1.46 September 10

While we just got the big “Old Ways” patch for Apex Legends earlier this week, Respawn Entertainment has released a new update today. Players will see this as Apex Legends update 1.34, and as an unannounced patch, don’t expect any new content from it.

Clocking in at just 128MB, this patch is for a fix more than anything else. While Respawn Entertainment hasn’t revealed any official patch notes just yet, it seems this patch is for a fix regarding challenges. Over on Reddit, Respawn Entertainment Senior Designer Chin Xiang Chong (who uses the Reddit name: tangentiallogic) posted that a fix has been pushed out on their end to fix challenges.

Checking the PS4 Update History, it says Apex Legends update 1.34 is for “Stability improvements and bug fixes,” which is usually whatever other patch says. Note that we’re unsure if this patch includes different fixes and whatnot, but once we do know more about it, we’ll update the post.

Also, of note, some people are getting prompted to download a 20GB patch for this fix. We’re currently checking what’s the issue here and have emailed EA to seek further clarification.

Update: We have heard from some of our readers that crashes previously introduced in the last patch on the PlayStation 4 are still occurring.

If you spot any gameplay changes or fixes, please send us an email or leave a comment below.

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3 years ago

To be honest I didn’t feel that “fix” except for the lessen server shutdown something. However, a new bug appeared where it forces the “game mode – trio” when you just played a ranked game, before it didn’t do that. The worst thing is that the annoying bug is back where you have to go again to main menu after EVERY F******* game because it will be just stuck to “Party member preloading…”, like forever. Footsteps are still an issue since sometimes you can’t hear those and you’ll be surprised that a second squad pops out of nowhere. If these bugs won’t be addressed VERY soon they’ll feel the player base go down.

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