Apex Legends Update 1.77 Adjusts Legend Abilities & More – August 10

Apex Legends Update 1.77

Respawn Entertainment has releasd the Apex Legends update 1.77 patch this August 10, and this includes tweaks to legend abilities! Those hoping for a Seer nerf, sadly, this isn’t part of the adjustments.

Apex Legends Update 1.77 Patch Notes for August 10:

Here’s what Respawn Entertainment has revealed for today’s patch:

We’ve just shipped a minor @playapex update that:

  • Fixes bugs with Seer’s abilities
  • Solves a script error that was sometimes triggered by an interaction between Fuse’s ult and Wattson’s ult

“Later today” the items below will also be rolled out:

  • Reduces Prowler damage from 15>14
  • Reduces speed while ADSing with the L-Star
  • Fixes a map hole near Climatizer
  • Raises prices for the Prowler and L-Star in Arenas

According to Respawn, a balance pass is set to go out for Seer next week!

In other Apex Legends news, Apex Legends cross-progression won’t be available until sometime in 2022 confirmed!

If there are more changes in today’s patch that’s not included in the list above, we’ll be sure to update the post.

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