Apex Legends Update 1.89 Flies Out This February 22 (Update 2)

Apex Legends Update 1.89

Respawn Entertainment has released the Apex Legends update 1.89 patch, which is an unannounced title update for the free-to-play battle royale shooter. Given we just got the Third Year Anniversary Collection event this month, don’t expect anything major from this patch outside of bug fixes. Read on for the Apex Legends February 22 patch notes.

Apex Legends Update 1.89 Patch Notes | Apex Legends February 22 Patch Notes:

Update #2: Respawn has rolled out a server-side update to change the pricing in Arenas including weapons that use Hammerhead Rounds.

We just pushed a small @playapex update to change the pricing in Arenas, including weapons that use Hammerpoint Rounds.

Updated weapons with Hammerpoint Rounds:
-Mozambique white (50 -> 100), blue (150 -> 200), purple (300 -> 500)
-P2020 white (25 -> 50), blue (50 -> 150), purple (250 -> 500)
-RE45 purple (350 -> 400)

Other weapons updated:
-EVA8 base (350 -> 150)
-Prowler white (200 -> 150), blue (350 -> 300)
-R99 purple (350 -> 300)
-Devotion purple (400 -> 500)
-LStar blue (250 -> 200), purple (350 -> 300)

Update: Respawn has announced what’s included in today’s title update!

While Respawn has not released the official patch notes for today’s title update, there are a few nagging issues that we’re assuming (and hoping) is included in today’s patch.

We are aware of a bug with the Bloodhound Prestige Skin where the damage counter resets in some cases. There is a fix in progress, and we plan to deploy it early next week. In the meantime, we are working on a make-good for lost progress—stay tuned for more details.

Quick update on the @PlayApex PS4 performance issue: We have identified the cause, but are still actively working on a fix for it. We hope to have a resolution in one of our upcoming patches and will share more info as we get clarity. Thanks for sticking with us through this.
Chances are, the patch notes will include both issues as fixed. Once the studio releases the official patch notes, we’ll be sure to update the post.
Update: Post has been updated to reflect today’s changes made by the studio.
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