Apex Legends Update for July 6 Adds Out of Bounds Trigger, Summer Sundown Reward Tracker Bug Acknowledged

Respawn Entertainment has released a small, server-side Apex Legends update for July 6, and this one is for a specific fix that should help gamers navigate a certain section in World’s Edge. Note that there is no download required for this update, and players will automatically apply it once they connect to the game’s servers.

Apex Legends Update for July 6 Patch Notes:

Here’s the announcement from Respawn:

We just pushed another small @PlayApex update to add out-of-bounds triggers to the top portion of the Lava Siphon rocks in World’s Edge 👇

There was also a hotfix released yesterday that should fix the input lag issues on Xbox consoles.

We just pushed a small update to @PlayApex to help address issues with input lag on Xbox Series X and S consoles. Thank you for your patience here, legends.

Outside of fixes, if you’re seeing that Summer Sundown reward tracker doesn’t seem to be functioning properly, it’s not you, but Respawn is aware of it and has issued an acknowledgement too.

Heads up, legends: all of the challenges on the @PlayApex Summer Sundown reward tracker are currently only counting Battle Royale match progress. Unfortunately, this will not be fixed before its end on July 12, so we apologize for the inconvenience.

Once a new patch is released, we’ll be sure to let our readers know about it ASAP. Speaking of which, a client-side patch was released this June 30! Read up on the details here.

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