Apple Arcade Announced, Game Subscription Service for Mobile, Desktop and More

apple arcade
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Just last week, Google announced its own gaming streaming platform called Stadia. Now, if you think that’s out of left field, it seems Apple is joining the gaming bandwagon as well, though in a different way.

In a press event today, Apple announced “Apple Arcade,” which Apple calls as the “world’s first¬† game subscription service” for mobile, desktop and the living room.

According to the announcement, Apple Arcade will feature over 100 new and exclusive games, which includes original releases from legendary game creators like Will Wright, Ken Wong,  Hironobu Sakaguchi, and more.

What’s more, Apple says that Apple Arcade will give gamers the chance to try any game from its collection that are “all-you-can-play,” will have no ads, no ad tracking, or additional purchases, and will “respect user privacy.”

Check out the Apple Arcade trailers below.

According to Apple, Apple Arcade will introduce new games that will not be available on any other mobile platform, or in any other subscription service. Every game will be playable offline, and many games will offer support for game controllers. And for those thinking about it, yes, the Apple Arcade titles’ progress can be switched or carried over if you’re switching devices. So if you can pick up on your iPad where you left off on your iPhone, and so on.

Apple Arcade is set to launch in fall 2019 in more than 150 countries, and will be featured as a new tab in the App Store.

Source: Apple

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