Atomic Heart Player Count Boasts Over 5 Million Total Players in Three Weeks

atomic heart player count

Atomic Heart, the sci-fi first-person shooter by developer Mundfish, just reached over 5 million players in the span of three weeks. The milestone was announced by Robert Bagratuni, CEO and founder of Mundfish.

Bagratuni expressed the studio’s excitement over Atomic Heart’s reception in a recent tweet and noted that the team had been working on the project since 2017.

With Atomic Heart having already been out for a few weeks, Bagratuni also mentions that Mundfish is now currently working on the DLCs for the game.

The DLCs will apparently be developed based on player feedback. This isn’t the first time that Mundfish has worked on Atomic Heart following voices from the community—last month, it was revealed that the studio was working on FOV settings following various requests for the feature. FOV settings have since been added to the game in an update that came out a couple of weeks ago.

For a debut title, Atomic Heart is pretty solid, with great graphics and fun gunplay, but it lacks polish in certain areas. Here’s a quote from our review of the game:

So what does Atomic Heart truly offer other than an occasionally fun, not at all original, game with too many ideas that aren’t fully fleshed out? Unfortunately, not much. It’s worth a rent or definitely checking out on a subscription service but it needs some more polish and refinement before the good things can surface the way they should.

When Mundfish releases information on their DLCs, we’ll keep you posted.

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