Battalion 1944 Roadmap for the Next 12 Months Outlined

battalion 1944 roadmap

In a press release, publisher Square Enix has revealed some of the stuff Bulkhead Interactive has planned for its shooter, Battalion 1944. Before you read on about the Battalion 1994 roadmap, note that there will be a double XP weekend this coming Friday to celebrate the next update and release of the roadmap.

Battalion 1944 double XP is hapening from Friday, July 26 at 7 a.m./12:00 BST and will last up to Monday July 29, also at 7 a.m. ET.

Check out below for the full, 12-month Battalion 1944 roadmap:

The Battalion 1944 Roadmap

The purpose of the following roadmap breakdown is not to announce tiny specific details – instead we’re here with a snapshot overview of what can be expected within this next year of Battalion 1944’s post release development with weekly, monthly and seasonal updates as well as a huge content release at the end of Year 1’s development.

Weekly News Update & Special Event Map Rotation
(Starting with the Summer Seasonal Update, August 1st 2019)

  • Different map added to Special Event rotation every week.
  • General hotfixes & smaller bug fixes if required weekly.
  • Development previews, map playtesting & teasers.

Larger Seasonal Updates (Roughly 8 weeks apart)
Summer Update, Autumn Update, Winter Update, Spring Update

  • New arcade & special event game modes.
  • New BattleRank season (new & unique skins).
  • New FACEIT competitive seasons (with improvements).
  • New War Chests (with new items).
  • Map reworks released.
  • Larger community requested features.
  • Larger bug fixes.
  • Surprise features & additions.

Mid Season Updates (Roughly 4 Weeks into a season)
Smaller Updates between Seasonal Updates (Roughly 4 weeks apart)

  • Weapon balance & meta changes.
  • New FACEIT competitive season.
  • Weapon and animation/audio overhauls.
  • Map rework playtesting.
  • Smaller community requested quality of life changes.
  • Bug Fixes.

Huge Content Release Early 2020
We can’t wait to start teasing this more… but expect a huge meta shift after this release

  • Celebrating one year of Battalion 1944 with a HUGE content release.
  • British faction added to competitive reworks of Savoia, Docks & Invasion.
  • British weapons added – yeah you heard that right Lee Enfield fans!
  • Everything usually included within a seasonal update.
  • Additional languages support.

If you’re playing the shooter, let us know how it’s faring out so far.

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