Battleborn’s Achievement List Revealed, Gearbox Teases Five Post-Launch DLC Heroes

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With Battleborn set to launch very shortly for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, the achievement list has finally been revealed for Gearbox Software’s upcoming hero-shooter.

Trophy hunters, here’s what you can expect to unlock, courtesy of PlayStationAchievements:

Additionally, Gearbox also briefly talked in detail about their post-launch support for Battleborn while at PAX East. The studio’s plan includes both paid DLC, such as new story missions, and free DLC, like all new PvP modes and new heroes to play with. Here’s a quick teaser, including an image of the first of five new heroes:

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The character featured in the center is names Alani, who Gearbox Software previously revealed when they discussed Battleborn’s digital deluxe content.

Battleborn is set to be released on May 3.