Battlefield 1 – A Glimpse At “They Shall Not Pass” Expansion

With the Battlefield 1 playerbase getting their first taste of what DICE has to offer post-launch in the Giant’s Shadow map which included a new gadget in the grenade launcher for the support class. DICE has one last gift before the year is over.

This is none other than a first look at the first expansion DLC “The Shall Not Pass” that’s set to launch this upcoming March, which will include four new maps,  French army faction, new weapons including The Chauchat for the Support class and more.

While a few details of the expansion are still scarce, DICE did however go into detail on some of the locations we can expect to visit once the expansion goes live early next year. Such as the Battle Of Verdun, where the German army created a massive forest fire that was visible from far away and transformed the surrounding areas into a shadow of themselves.

As well as featuring maps that will include underground fighting in Fort Vaux, where both sides fight in a dark underground maze that was filled with grenades, flame throwers and poison gasses. For those who like to prefer to get in vehicular combat, DICE has something for you as well. As the Battle of Soissons which featured massive French tank assaults will also be included in the They Shall Not Pass expansion.

Alongside the few details DICE has revealed of the first expansion DLC, they’ve also released a few concept art of what you can expect to see when the expansion releases that you can view here.

Battlefield 1 is available for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One platforms.

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