Battlefield 1 – Massive Fall Update Now Live, Includes Changes To Operations And More

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As of today, a new update for Battlefield 1 is now available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms that includes numerous improvements to the game. There are also various gameplay changes such as the ticket number for the attackers in Operations seeing a pretty significant increase.

While the change log for the fall update is pretty lengthy, below you’ll find a few of the important changes that were implemented in this patch:

  • Suez:
    • Added two additional flags on the Suez map, giving it a total of 5 flags.
    • Added 1 armored car for either team to spawn in their HQ.
    • Reduced the size of the capture volumes on the flags located in the villages, old A & B flag. This is to reduce the amount of building interiors located within the capture area. The change should result in the flags being easier to capture.
  • Operations:
    • Increase attacker maximum tickets for both player counts to 150 for 40 player Operations and 250 for 64 player Operations.
    • Increased the amount of tickets regained from killing retreating defenders after capturing a sector from 2 to 3.
    • Slightly reduced the time it takes to capture flags.
    • Increased the amount of minimum ticket regained when capturing a sector in 64p Operations from 30 to 50. (64 players)
  • UI:
    • The Quit button is now available at any given time when in the End of Round
    • You can customize your soldier from within the UI by selecting either the icon on Home or on Soldier.
  • Squad leader mutiny:
    • If the squad leader ignores requests for orders the leadership is transferred to another member of the squad after 60 seconds of a squad members requesting an order. The requesting player is added to the want-to-be-leader queue for that squad and a 60 seconds timer starts (the timer is not reset if there are other squad members waiting in the queue already). When the 60 seconds pass, the first member in the squad queue (the one who requested order earliest) is promoted as a squad leader. If there are other members in the queue after him, the timer is automatically reset to 60 seconds and if the new leader doesn’t give orders over that period either, then the next waiting in line is promoted and so on. However, if the current squad leader issues an order the current queue is cleared.
  • Rush:
    • Equal weather in Rush. Now uses same weather sequence and trigger conditions for both rounds in a match.

Alongside the new patch, it also appears that you’ll be able to buy Battlepacks with real money very ‘soon’. According to Amazon, it seems that this feature goes live on November 22nd and these will be the prices for the Battlepacks:

  • 3 Battlepacks: 5.49 USD
  • 5 Battlepacks:  8.99 USD
  • 10 Battlepacks: 16.99 USD
  • 20 Battlepacks: 29.99 USD

For more whats to come in the near future for Battlefield 1, feel free to read the road map that DICE Stockholm has outlined which includes the already implemented feature ‘squad leader mutiny’ as well as the upcoming free map, Giant’s Shadow.