Battlefield 2042 vs. COD Vanguard Game Giveaway – Enter Here (Open Worldwide)

COD Vanguard Game Giveaway

It’s time for another game giveaway here on MP1st! This time, we are giving away multiple game codes for both Battlefield 2042, and Call of Duty Vanguard! This giveaway is open worldwide, and is for all applicable platforms the games are on.

How to enter? Simple! Fill out the forms below, and/or leave a comment below answering which do you prefer: Battlefield 2042 or COD Vanguard, and explain your choice (and which platform and region you prefer). Winning entries will be picked by Friday of this coming week (December 3, 2021). If you’re commenting, please leave your Twitter handle below (and follow MP1st) so we can DM you the code if you’ve won. We will be giving three (3) game codes for BF2042, and three (3) game codes for COD Vanguard, so there will be multiple winners, and each winner cannot win the other game in the contest. So if you manage to win a game code for Battlefield 2042, don’t expect to win one for COD Vanguard.

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Once winners have been picked, we’ll be sure to update the post to let people know if they’ve won. You can read our review of COD Vanguard here, while our BF2042 review will be hitting the site soon.

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1 year ago

Bf2042 is by far better. PS5 – EU.

1 year ago

I prefer cod because of the fast paced smooth action and zombies and i play on ps5 twitter is @Jugulator__95

Daryn Jay Modien
1 year ago

I love both games but i always been more of a Battlefielder since the early days. I prefer 2042 because of the scale. and PC all the way. you guys know this 😛 twitter: @Djaym0

1 year ago

Since I already have Battlefield and it kinda let me down, I’d be willing to give Vanguard.


1 year ago

BF2042 in order to play and check this game if this good.

Plattform: PC/Steam/Origin

Twitter: @BubblyEze

1 year ago

I want to play BF 2042 because i was fan of this franchise.

Console: PS5 and my twitter is: @UnbalancedFun

1 year ago

I’d love BF2042 (Xbox Series X UK) as I’ve already got Vanguard. I would love to try it; I didn’t expect Vanguard to be good, and despite its flaws and hatred towards it I really enjoy it and I would love to see if BF2042 is the same; despite so many negative reviews and with its bugs. I still want to try it and Id love to give it a chance if I win. Maybe it will suprise me like Vanguard did. 😀 Twitter is @xzxfrostfirexzx

1 year ago

This year i prefer Battlefield 2042 because of the cool near future setting,i’m a sucker for that

PC Steam

Twitter: @Ponds908

1 year ago

I like both BF and COD games, but I prefer Battlefield because of it’s open world sandbox and all the crazy things you can do. Wouldn’t mind giving Vanguard a bash, apparently the MP is good in this one. 🙂 @WezzyStef907, Xbox Series X/S, EU/UK

1 year ago

i already own 2042. why not try my luck for a PC copy of COD

1 year ago

2042, the vehicle gameplay is superior

1 year ago

BF 2042 👍

Twitter: @MC_CALLION123

1 year ago

I haven’t played either game yet but have watched on YouTube others playing. I enjoyed watching Jack frags walk through the vanguard single player story. looked like a lot of fun but being a die hard battlefield player I can’t wait to play battlefield. although not sure how my last gen xbox will go running it 🤣

Jesús Espinoza Moya
1 year ago

I prefer battlefield over cod, most of the times. Big maps, vehicles and destruction are the main reasons i love battlefield.

PC: Steam usa

@Volt_Airej on twitter

1 year ago

i hope im lucky to get vanguard idm bf tbh but i prefer smaller maps and bf has large maps which arent my favourite

Claude David Valero Ambion
1 year ago

I’ve hope to get Battlefield 2042.

I ran battlefield 3 for 800+ hours

and Battlefield 4 for 1000+ hours

Level 100+

Hoping to get in on Battlefield 2042.

Bruno Sousa
1 year ago

Looking for the Vanguard one on PC( – Europe Region)

To be honest i already own the BF2042, so im looking for the Vanguard, to a fast-paced gameplay.

Dennis B
1 year ago

Can you dm a locked profile or do I have to be public asf? lol

1 year ago

I’d love BF2042 (Xbox Series X UK) as I’ve already got Vanguard. I would love to try it; I didn’t expect Vanguard to be good, and despite its flaws and hatred towards it I really enjoy it and I would love to see if BF2042 is the same; despite so many negative reviews and with its bugs. I still want to try it and Id love to give it a chance if I win. Maybe it will suprise me like Vanguard did. 😀 Twitter is @xzxfrostfirexzx

1 year ago

If im lucky to win,I will love to get Battefield 2042. I have been a big Battefield fan since BFBC and i would love to dive back in to the game.

Jett Packington
1 year ago

i’ll choose call of duty Vanguard as my prize because i already have battlefield

Jett Packington
1 year ago

i’ll choose call of duty Vanguard Battlenet PC, US region as my prize because i already have battlefield

i want Vanguard because i have all the previous call of duty games in battlenet and i’m not gonna miss one out

@nurgleherald in twitter

Dennis B
1 year ago

I would like a digital version of Battlefield for the Series X. Already own digital Vanguard. Thank you for the giveaway MP1st.

Kai Hering
1 year ago

Hello when I have the chance too win. I chose cod vanguard, pc, battlenet, eu, Germany.

I have All battlefield games and play also cod. All 2 games are great.

Twitter: @ickhierduda

Good luck @ all

1 year ago

I’ve been a Battlefield fan since BF3, and been reading articles on mp1st since then. I really love Call of Duty though, and played CoD 2, World at War, Modern Warfare, MW2, MW3, and Black Ops. Haven’t played any since then, which is around when I switched to Battlefield. It’s much more my game, so I’d rather have Battlefield 2042!

Lynden Brunii
1 year ago

Well, I for one really enjoy the battlefield games. It’s kind of a unique experience I would say. COD is quite fun too, I enjoyed MW2019 but other than that I’ve been a massive BF fan since the days of BC2. Those “OnlyInBattlefieldMoments”, the chaotic gameplay, destruction etc. is what drew me to the game. It’s had its up and downs but I always stuck with it and always had laughs and fun with it 💩 even if I don’t win anything, it’s nice of you guys to be doing this giveaway anyway. Hope everyone has a great day.

Country – South Africa

Twitter – lynden_s

Ville Heikkilä
1 year ago

Battlefield 2042 is my choice. I’ve been BF’s since Battlefield 1942. Best game series hands down.

1 year ago

I prefer Battlefield 2042 because of how huge the map are and I love sniping on it.

1 year ago

I already own both games, but it would be nice if my husband can get one as well, so that he can play with me, and even help me to test things for my guide. I really wish BF2042 was an actual, proper battlefield game, but no, it’s something else.

So, my choice is Vanguard.

The core identity of Battlefield game is a squad-based game play, on a large scaled map.

Even the very first trailer of BF2 showed the squad play.

However, on 2042, there’s no such thing. They compeletly removed any squad realated score or system.

The squad itself does exist, but you don’t even get to choose a squad to join.

I’ve never seen any video game degenerated this much.

Battlefield has built its identity and gotten good features since over a decade ago.

But this game totally ignored all that. I’m not gonna mention every details, but you can easily find a list of things that are missing on this game on Reddit or somewhere else.

2042 is the battlefield game that was sold the least ever.

It’s already DEAD in Austrailia in Asia. Literally.

What disappoints me the most is attitudes that indivisual devs have.

On Twitter, they’ve been sharing or liking tweets that basically make fun of the loyal fans, saying things like ‘The current situation is nothing but the review bombing from angry kids.’

Devs have been actively searching for positive posts that barely exist, and reply to them, while they’ve been ignoring all the noise from fans that are in agony.

It’s trully sad to see one of the greates franchises in a video game history dying in this way.

Mustafa Kassem
1 year ago

I prefer Battlefield 2042 because Vanguard disapponted me this year

Twitter @b87scorpion

Nikos Sideras
1 year ago

Batllefield Veteran since BF1942. Battlefield 2042

1 year ago

Battlefield 2042! Veteran since the beginning. Have the game myself and enjoy it alot. If i win, the code goes to my buddy that can’t afford the game right now.

1 year ago
1 year ago

 Battlefield 2042 


I just like this game))

1 year ago

Battlefield 2042 Xbox

Thanks for the giveaway !!!

1 year ago

Thanks for the opportunity. I would give my preference to Battlefield 2042 and would be really grateful for an Xbox code. All what they do is talk how bad this new Battlefield game is, but I wanna see it for myself, lol. Jokes aside, it looks like a lot of fun after watching multiple streamers play it. I am locked and loaded.

Johnny Smooth
1 year ago

BF2042 2042 IS THE BEST

1 year ago

I prefer Vanguard, but haven’t tried BF since 4 i think, would be awesome to have 2042!

1 year ago

I prefer Battlefield 2042 (PS5) over Vanguard, because it has more potential.

Martijn Polkerman
1 year ago

thanks for giving me the opportunity

Mike Kolp
1 year ago

Vanguard (PC) cos I love single player

1 year ago

Vanguard on PC, North America, because COD seems better than Battlefield this year.

1 year ago

battlefield 2042 way better

Bruno Paredes
1 year ago

COD Vanguard, I prefer the ps4 version of the game, and I’m from South America, specifically from Paraguay 😀

Sagnik Bhattacharjee
1 year ago

COD ofc that has a story line at least

1 year ago

COD Vanguard for Xbox Series X US

I’ve always been a fan of the COD games and am excited at the chance to play the latest game in the franchise.

1 year ago

I’d like to register for a chance at a copy of Vanguard, Xbox Series X, US.

I think both titles right now have their issues but I did purchase BF42 as I feel like it has the greater potential to be a better game. Although I have had every COD since COD4 and my buddies are pressuring me into grabbing it. I did play many hours of the trial the other week to get a feel for it. It was much smoother as well as much more polished than the Beta for sure but there are still design issues that make it less than ideal. I did really dig MW and this has that feel to it which I like and minus the constant ‘Nade spamming in HardCore, it was generally fun.

Thanks for putting together this giveaway!

My Twitter is the same as here – @phlipups

Kai Hering
1 year ago

i chose COD Vanguard. PC, Battlenet, EU Germany.

I've played both series of games since I was a child.

Both are brilliant in their development.

I already have Battlefield 2042. that's why I choose COD Vanguard.

Thank you in advance. and keep your fingers crossed for everyone else.

Twitter: @ickhierduda

1 year ago

i already have 2042 so i entered vanguard

Kyle F
1 year ago

I’ve gotta go with Vanguard on PC. I can’t support any EA games.

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