Battlefield 3 Beta Announcement Tomorrow? + Beta is Multiplayer Only





UPDATE: DICE has officially announced the Open Battlefield 3 Beta to begin on September 29th. Medal of Honor owners and Origin pre-orders will have a 48 headstart. View more details here!

Battlefield 3 Beta Date Officially Announced

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I don’t think we can wait any longer for the Battlefield 3 Beta, and DICE has just hinted at a big announcement coming tomorrow.

After weeks of denying many beta rumors, DICE has stirred up the pot with 3 hints. On the official Italian Battlefield page, DICE teased “guys, tomorrow follow us, there is news about something you have been waiting for a long time. However, the teasing didn’t stop there. Dainel Matros, Battlefield’s global community manager, tweeted “this week is going to be off the hook BF3”, and his coworker, David Goldfarb, reassured that this week is “gonna be a great week. BF3”. 

My guess is that the long-awaited Beta will go live tomorrow or will be announced tomorrow to go live next week.

If you were wondering whether you’re going to get a taste of the singleplayer in the upcoming beta, DICE’s Ian Tornay re-clarified “BF3 beta is multipalyer only. There are some rumors to the contrary circulating.” 

So, there you have folks, now at least we have something to cling on, tomorrow should be the big day we’ve been dreaming about.
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What do you think tomorrow’s announcement will be? 
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