Battlefield 3 Beta Servers Restart to Improve Stability and Connectivity

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Earlier today, we reported on the beta issues DICE is working on, which will be fixed in either the beta or the final retail game. However, the bigger issue that’s been holding back the beta is the stability of the game servers on all platforms.

Yesterday, the 360 version was affected the most, we kept getting disconnected from the server for most of the day. Then, around 11 pm est, DICE rolled back the 360 servers. In an attempt to iron out the server issues, DICE is in process of restarting all servers in order to “improve the stability and connectivity”; this restart will only take 5 mins to have the servers back up and running, so it shouldn’t keep you away for too long.

Battlefield’s official twitter account has just reveled that “Our Xbox 360 servers and PS3 servers are coming back up slowly.” and “PC servers are coming back up now and you will be able to connect again shortly”.

Once this restart is over, your beta experience should get better, so hold tight! If you stopped playing the beta yesterday thinking that connectivity problems would persist, then give it another chance, you won’t be disappointed.

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