BF3 – More On Destruction, Ranking System, Squad Issues & Other Important Beta Info

The Battlefield Beta is receiving a lot of mixed impressions and is dividing the opinions many Battlefield fans. While some are confident in DICE to produce a spectacular Battlefield experience, despite all the bugs and glitches found in the Beta, others are considering cancelling pre-orders, feeling that the game is a hopeless mess.

If you are one of the individuals in the middle who feel confused about the whole Beta situation and the state at which Battlefield 3 is in, perhaps this round up or information will put your worries at ease.

We’ve compiled a list of tweets and notes that we think will help clear a lot of minds as to what to expect from the final version.

Below is a list of some of the more important fixes wich can be found on the Battlelog:

  • Fixed a bug where shooting at a moving enemy could cause more than the intended amount of damage. (Ever feel like you’ve been one-shotted by a sub machine gun while on the run?)
  • The 3D spotting icons has been tweaked to better match the target’s visibility. Icons will show frequently less on mostly obscured targets. (Still need to test this out, but many have felt the spotting in BF3 has been nerfed a little too much. Perhaps this will make it more fair?)
  • Squad list now shows specializations chosen, VOIP activity and dead squad mates. (It is obviously important to know what kind of specializations your squad-mates are running in order to choose accordingly and round-out the team.)
  • Non working options in squad menu fixed: “Private” flag and “Switch Teams”. (Any fixes regarding quads is extremely welcome!)

You can view the entire list of fixes here.

Below are two very important tweets from Community Manager, Daniel Matros, that I think are very informative to the Battlefield community:

  • A lot of what you are seeing in the BETA doesn’t exist in the main game already. 1st Party submissions mean we couldn’t give a version of the latest code in the BETA but the retail game is well ahead of what you are seeing now with a lot more bug fixes already in place.” (We’ve also recently heard that the beta version we are currently playing is roughly a month behind the version of the game DICE is currently working on.)
  • “Caspian Border is not in the consoles client file you downloaded. PC’s download was 3.9Gb compared to the consoles 1.2Gb. Also PC Caspian Border was running on limited servers to get stability and performance data from servers running at capacity. Consoles do not need the same server stability check as the player numbers are the same across all game modes.” (This serves as clarification as to why consoled will not be getting the Caspian Border multiplayer map in their version of the Beta.)

Below are three important questions and answers also found on the Battlelog:

  • It seems whenever my brother and I want to play together we can, one of us becomes connection to EA lost. What is the deal here? If this is happening when the game servers are up it could be because you are on strict NAT settings. Turn both consoles on and run the Microsoft network test on both consoles and see what is says your NAT settings are. Also, do you have both Xbox 360 accounts linked to two different EA accounts or are they linked to one EA account? Joining as squads doesn’t work in the BETA. (At least we now know that it seems to be intentional that joining a game as a squad was left out of the beta.)
  • Destructive Buildings (Console) The destruction is the same on console and PC. You won’t be able to take down buildings in multiplayer as that would mean levelling a whole city. You can however take out large parts of buildings and possibly destroy smaller buildings in other maps but you will have to wait and see those maps. (This was speculated earlier that destruction would be slightly toned down from Battlefield: Bad Company 2. You can read more about destruction here)
  • Stats won’t carry over? So, we are not carrying over the stats because the rank progression system as well as the persistance score is going to be reworked based on feedback from what we´ve seen and what feedback we have collected. (Current ranking system that we have in the Beta is not yet final, which we reported on last month)

You can find the rest of the FAQ here.

To wrap up, I think Community Manager, Ian Tornay put things quite nicely: “This is a continuum that DICE are experts at balancing. Trust the masters.

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