BF3 – New Voice Chat System and No More Mounted HMGs

More and more information on Battlefield 3 gameplay changes are slowly being trickled out as the beta approaches. Two changes that we have recently learned could potentially have a profound effect on the gameplay, and could hopefully provide for a much better Battlefield experience.

Alan Kertz, lead gameplay designer at DICE, commented on some changes made to the heavy machine guns in Battlefield. You’ll notice that in many of the latest trailers, you won’t find any stationary HMGs. Only TOW missile launchers and AA turrets. One fan specifically asked if there will, in fact, be stationary HMGs, much like in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Kertz responded, “don’t need it. HMGs are mobile. Bipods are infinity level.” Basically, since the support class’ feature the ability to stabilize their light machine guns with a bipod on the ground or ledge, they pretty much act the same way stationary HMGs did in BFBC2, though you can move it to your position of choice. And remember, when a bipod is deployed, there is basically no recoil whatsoever, again, similar to BFBC2’s stationary HMGs. This also gives more importance to the support class since he is now the only one with the ability to suppress the enemy.

Many fans have been looking for improvements in the voice chat system since Battlefield: Bad Company 2. For those who don’t know, players were only able to speak to other players that were currently in their squad of four. Chatting among the entire team was impossible. This left much to be desired for many Battlefield fans. Thankfully, it seems this issue has been addressed. Kertz explained that, currently, “voice chat is by default all team. You can then pick channels.” This should hopefully lead to a much more organized and effective team-oriented gameplay experience.

Let us know what you think about these gameplay changes in the comment section below.

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