Black Desert Online Update 1.55 September 16 Released

Black Desert Online Update 1.93

Pearl Abyss has released the Black Desert Online update 1.55 September 16 and it includes performance changes, gameplay adjustments and more. Head on below for the patch notes.

Black Desert Online Update 1.55 September 16 patch notes:

Red Battlefield Changes

Red Battlefield can now be enjoyed on the new ‘Marni’ server. The Marni server will be separated from other servers, and used exclusively for the purpose of Red Battlefield. You will be able to enter Red Battlefield through the start menu. Once you select the Red Battlefield option, a window will open up allowing you to join one of 10 new Red Battlefield channels. When one is selected, you will be transported to the Marni server, and when the Red Battlefield finishes, you will be returned to your original server.

Unlike the previous Red Battlefield system, you will now be able to join Red Battlefield during node and conquest war. We will also be removing the limited Red Battlefields for now, so all Red Battlefields will be open for anyone to enjoy.

The last change is that, if there are now less than 2 participants in the Red Battlefield after it starts, the Red Battlefield will conclude after 1 minute has passed, and any members remaining will be returned to their original servers and locations.

Todays update will combine Red Battlefield servers into one combined form. As a result, you will now be able to enter Red Battlefield without switching servers. Thanks to this new format, we will be able to add new maps, and we are aiming to add new maps as quickly as possible.

1 on 1 Arena

With so many adventurers testing their mettle in the Battle Arena, the Cliff Detached Force have opened a new 1:1 arena. To enter, you will need to talk to Hafun in the Battle Arena. Once you do, will you be able to fight in a 1v1, King of the Hill situation.

The two players who enter will fight each other in a 3-minute bout. If one player overcomes the other, the loser will be moved outside of the arena, and the winner will remain to face the next challenger. If no winner has been decided after 3 minutes, both players will be removed out of the arena and a new set of players will enter.

Much like the Red Battlefield, you will need to select and join one of the ‘Marni’ servers Battle Arenas. If there is currently an active Conquest/Node War on your current server, you will be unable to join the Battle Arena.

Performance Update

This update will also include a performance update to PlayStation 4 players which was applied to Xbox One players through a client patch on September 11th. This update improves the memory usage of the game under certain circumstances.

Crows Nest- Pit of the Undying Update

As the number of adventurers traveling to the Pit of Undying increases, the number of spectators has drew large sums of money for the Crows Nest. Therefore Patrigio, the first crow, has upped the number of Crow’s Black Jewels which are required for ranking up.


You can win Crow’s Black Jewels by completing fights in the Pit of the Undying.


With this increase, we are also adjusting the number of Crow’s Black Jewels required to do the quest ‘[Promotion] Crow’s Sealed Promotion Scroll.


A new quest has also been added that will allow you to challenge Yulho, the Pit’s rising star. This quest is available once per family, and you must have completed the ‘[Promotion] DUO: Undying Crow’s Insignia’ to accept the quest ‘Chorpy’s Secret Offer’ from Chorpy. Defeating Yulho with this quest will reward you with Crow’s Black Jewel x10.

Imperial Auction House

The Imperial Auction house is a feature occasionally used to list and sell valuable items. Although like most Auction Houses it rarely gets super rare items, but when it does….

As the Imperial Auction House is newly introduced, we have added NPCs that allow you to access their listings. The following NPCs have been added.

NPC LocationImperial Auction House Manager
HeidelCharlotte Penwood
CalpheonLieber Rousseau
AltinovaDen Shamyr
Valencia CityAhina

Special Items will occasionally make their way through the Imperial Auction House. When the auction begins, a world message will be displayed alerting all adventurers that the bidding has begun. After this message goes out, the Imperial Auction Managers will begin accepting bids on the listed items. The current highest bid price will be

displayed in the window, and then another adventurer can bid higher than that, and it will continue to increase until the auction is over.

After the allotted time, the auction will be extended by one minute. During this time, if another higher bid comes in, the auction will be extended by another minute and so on.

If there are no extra bids, the auction concludes and the winner of the auction can pick up their items from the auction manager. Those who bid throughout the auction and did not succeed will be able to claim their silver back by entering the my bids page from the auction manager.

The first items to be listed in the Imperial Auction House will be as follows:

Item NameStarting Bid
Horse Emblem: Dream Arduanatt5,000,000,000 Silver
Horse Emblem: Nightmare Arduanatt5,000,000,000 Silver

The first Imperial Auction will begin as follow;

NA: September 18th 06:00 PM (PDT)

EU: September 18th 06:00 PM (UTC+1)

Asia: September 18th 06:00 PM (GMT+9)

Nightmare Arduanatt

The Nightmare Arduanatt is a rare Dream Horse that has a Black Body and Wings.

Altar of Blood – Reward Rework

A looming shadow of corruption has descended down upon the Altar of Blood, embuing the monsters that appear there with a dark energy that greatly improves their powers. This power increases their hit points by 40%, and their attack and defense power by around 50%. As these new monsters are reworked in darkness, knowledge of the area has been reset.

Altar of Blood Rewards

As you progress through the Altar of Blood, you will have the chance of getting the Heritage of the Forgototten of the corresponding stage that was completed. The Heritage of the forgotten has a low chance to reward a Defensive gear box of the following grades.

Defense Gear BoxObtainable Items
Defensive Gear Box of Oblivion100% Chance to obtain TRI Defensive Gear
Defensive Gear Box of Distrust100% Chance to obtain TET Defensive Gear
Defensive Box of Desire100% Chance to obtain PEN Defensive Gear


The type of item depends on the grade of the defense box.

Defensive Gear Box GradeObtainable Items
Green GradeAgerian









Blue GradeAkum


Yellow GradeGiath

Red Nose



Dim Tree Spirit




The Altar of Blood awards better rewards the higher the stage you clear.

 As we have reset the knowledge of the Altar of Blood, we will also be revising the first clear rewards. The rewards for the first clear of each stage are as follows.

Altar of Blood StageChallenge Reward
1st IllusionPerfume of Courage x3
2nd IllusionAdvice of Valks (+20)
3rd IllusionMemory Fragment x20
4th IllusionAdvice of Valks (+30)
5th IllusionCron Stone x20
6th IllusionHard Black Crystal Shard x25
7th IllusionGold Bar 100G x5
8th IllusionSharp Black Crystal Shard x40
9th IllusionAdvice of Valks (+100)
10th IllusionMemory Fragment x80

For more information about the Altar of Blood, please read the GM Note here

Field Boss Update

During the September 4th update, a change to Field Bosses went through that we unfortunately did not mention, and for that we are sorry.

The rewards for defeating certain Field Bosses have been updated. We have increased the odds of receiving the current rewards from field bosses, and we have also added the chance to get an Enchanted Scroll +20,+30 or +40. An enchanted scroll can be alchemized with Black Stones to create an Advice of Valks of the same value.



A new item has been added to the Loot Tables of different World Bosses. The Belongings of an Adventurer will now drop at certain boss fights, and offers some of the rarest accessories within Black Desert at grades up to TET. This item will drop at the following bosses:
Kzarka, Nouver, Karanda, Kutum, Quint, Muraka,.

The following accessories can be found in the Belongings of an Adventurer with an enhancement grade up to TET (IV):
Ogre Ring, Laytenn’s Power Stone, Valtarra Eclipsed Belt, Narc Ear Accessory, Basilisk’s Belt, Ring of Crescent Guardian, Eye of Ruins Ring, Orkinrad’s Belt.

Golden Treasure Chests have been discovered around the world of Black Desert. These Golden Treasure chests are scattered around the world, and can only be opened with a Golden Key. These Golden keys can be obtained by trading 100 Silver Keys with Morco of the Crow Merchants guild, who can be found in most major towns and cities. These chests contain a whole range of different items includes Dandelion Weapon boxes, Tungrad Earrings and more!

We have also modified the conditions required when using the Weapon Exchange coupons on new classes.

Item NameBeforeAfter
Main, Sub-weapon Exchange CouponUsable one month after a new class release date.Usable from a new class’ release date.
Awakening Weapon Exchange CouponUsable 1 month after a new class’ awakening release date.Usable from a new class’ Awakening release date.


Barhan Nesser’s scouts have recently discovered that an Argos Ritual of Blood has been successful. Although not is much known about how it worked, certain Valencian natives have partook in the ritual and have unlocked a new source of power.

Crescent Chief Gatekeepers of Crescent Shrine, Desert Naga Chief Gatekeepers of Desert Naga Temple, Fogan Chief Gatekeepers of Titium Vallet and Cadry Chief Gatekeepers of Cadry Ruins have undergone the ritual and have become considerably stronger. Once defeated, these monsters will instantly resurrect themselves. As their difficulty has greatly increased, Barhan recommends getting together in a party and attempt to take them down, earning great rewards.

Other Monster Changes

● Fixed an issue where Pit of Undying Boss Kunga would occasionally move abnormally.

● Decreased the damage of the Grudge Bearing Green Orc’s in the Traitors Graveyard.

● Fixed an issue where Belcadas, who appears in Sherekhan Necropolis, would have abnormal effects once attacked.



New quests have been added to certain spots in Mediah to help aid in the acquisition of Asula accessories. Adventurers who have just completed Calpheon may find the Mediah quest easier after completing these missions.

Abandoned Iron MineKill 500 Abandoned Iron Mine BarbariansDUO Asula’s Crimson Eye Necklace
Wandering Rogue DenKill 500 Wandering RoguesDUO Asula’s Crimson Eye Ring
Helms PostKill 1000 HelmsTRI Asula’s Crimson Eye Earring
Elric ShrineKill 1000 Elric Shrine CultistsTRI Asula’s Crimson Eye Belt

A new quest line has been added for characters reaching level 51 when entering Hexe Sanctuary. This quest line gives a chance for adventurers to obtain Witches Earrings. The quests are named as follows:

– Accessory Filled with the Witches Power Part 1

– Accessory Filled with the Witches Power Part 2

– Accessory Filled with the Witches Power Part 3

NPC, Sound and Other Effects

● Part of the environment in the Traitor’s Graveyard has been modified to make it easier to see.

● Fughar has been added to Trent, Anacado Inner Harbor and Abun.

To help performance, certain audio cues have been optimized. This means that in certain situations, only the sound of your character will be played.

● Player sounds have been improved so that they sound more natural at different distances.

System Changes

Made Instant Resurection usable up to level 20 (previously lv.15) and added the following regions where it can be used.

Cron Castle Site, Cron Castle, Heidel Pass, Goblin Cave, Ehwaz Hill, Coastal Cliff, Balenos River, Imp Cave. 

Balance Changes

● Scars of Dusk, Absolute: Scars of Dusk – Improved the animation speed of the skill’s 3rd hit while mounted.


● Flow: Air Explosion Shot – Doubled the movement distance of the skill when activated after certain skills.


● Violation – Increased the skill’s spin hit damage and added PvE critical hit rate.

Violation ISpin Hit Damage 745% x8Spin Hit Damage 856% x8
Violation IISpin Hit Damage 745% x8Spin Hit Damage 973% x8
Violation IIISpin Hit Damage 949% x8Spin Hit Damage 1091% x8

● Grim Reaper’s Judgement, Black Spirit: Grim Reaper’s Judgement – Increased the skill’s normal hit and charge hit by 1 hit.


● Upward Claw – The skill’s movement and effect will now match.

● Heilang I~X – Fixed the issue where using Surging Tide would have Heilang attack 1 time less when the skills level was between I and X.

● Ultimate: Blitz Stab – Reduced the movement distance of the skill.

● Verdict: Lancia Lustitiae – Added a critical hit rate increase to the skill’s downward attack hit.

● Ultimate: Divine Power – Increased the skill’s hit damage as follows.

353% x9 → 1012% x9

Ultimate: Divine Power – Added PvE critical hit rate and applied PvP damage reduction effect.


● Below the Belt – Increased the skill’s Extra Hit Damage

Below the Belt IExtra Hit Damage 784% x2Extra Hit Damage 813% x3
Below the Belt IIExtra Hit Damage 885% x2Extra Hit Damage 944% x3
Below the Belt IIIExtra Hit Damage 987% x2Extra Hit Damage 1075% x3


● Black Spirit: Below the Belt – Fixed the issue where the skill was dealing 1 less hit for its final hit.

● Crosscut – Increased the skill’s 1st Spin Hit Damage.

Crosscut II1st Spin Hit Damage 567% x51st Spin Hit Damage 637% x5
Crosscut III1st Spin Hit Damage 613% x51St Spin Hit Damage 753% x5
Crosscut IV1st Spin Hit Damage 658% x51st Spin Hit Damage 869% x5

● Flow: Backflow – Skill damage increased.

1062% x5 → 1213% x5


● Frost Pillars – Increased the skill’s activation speed.

● Frost Pillars – Improved the skill to now combo into New Year’s Eve after using the skill.

● New Year’s Eve – Skill damage increased

1074% x4 → 1182% x5

● Serpent Ascension – Increased the skill’s activation speed, and the Ninja now assumes the Transition Stance when using the skill.

● Serpent Ascension – Fixed the skill description to state the correct number of targets hit.

● Serpent Ascension – Increased the skill’s Hit Damage.

Serpent Ascension IHit Damage 593% x7Hit Damage 653% x7
Serpent Ascension IIHit Damage 696% x7Hit Damage 766% x7
Serpent Ascension IIIHit Damage 880% x7Hit Damage 968% x7


● Drastic Measure – Increased the charging speed of the skill.


● Half Moon Slash – Improved to combo more smoothly into other skills after using this skill.

● Wheel of Wrath – Skill Damage increased.

Wheel of Wrath IDamage 423% x5, Max 2 HitsDamage 592% x5, Max 2 Hits
Wheel of Wrath IIDamage 543% x5, Max 2 HitsDamage 752% x5, Max 2 Hits
Wheel of Wrath IIIDamage 782% x5, Max 2 HitsDamage 912% x5, Max 2 Hits


● Flow: Indignation – Added the Down Smash effect to the skill.


● Seed of Catastrophe – Skill Damage Increased.

Seed of Catastrophe IIDamage 735% x5Damage 784% x5
Seed of Catastrophe IIIDamage 843% x5Damage 891% x5
Seed of Catastrophe IVDamage 952% x5Damage 1178% x5


● Touch of Exploitation – Skill Damage Increased

Touch of Exploitation IIDamage 528% x3, Max 4 HitsDamage 607% x3, Max 4 Hits
Touch of Exploitation IIIDamage 633% x3, Max 4 HitsDamage 760% x3, Max 4 Hits
Touch of Exploitation IVDamage 738% x3, Max 4 HitsDamage 923% x3, Max 4 Hits

● Shattering Darkness 
– Added 2 Hits to the skill’s Phantom Blade attack.

● Deadly Dance – Increased the skill’s Max Jits to 2.

● Taunting Death – Skill Damage Increased.

Taunting Death IIDamage 790% x6Damage 854% x6
Taunting Death IIIDamage 877% x6Damage 1005% x6
Taunting Death IVDamage 964% x6Damage 1156% x6

● Bridled Despair – Skill Damage Increased.
– 1070% x7 → 1388% x7


● Luthraghon’s Call – Improved the skill’s crouching movement and charging speed.

● Radiant Explosion – Skill Damage increased.

Radiant Explosion IIDamage 316% x4Damage 470% x4
Radiant Explosion IIIDamage 594% x5Damage 890% x5
Radiant Explosion IVDamage 842% x6Damage 1260% x6

● Arrow Explosion VI, Absolute: Arrow Explosion – Skill Damage increased

Arrow Explosion VIDamage 952% x5Damage 1047% x5
Absolute: Arrow ExplosionDamage 1220% x6Damage 1342% x6


● Revamped the Florin’s Leaf to now display its energy figures.



● The Cliff’s Awakening Weapon Box can now be opened on the Hashashin.


● The default stance of Lahn in the Pearl Shop has been fixed.

● When viewing pets in the Pearl Store, they will now make a sound.

● Fixed an issue where characters would be unable to move after being mounted and interacting with an NPC that triggers a cut scene.

● Fixed an issue where Alchemy Stones would not continue to activate after swapping equipment.

● Fairies will no longer reset potion settings once all potions have been consumed.

● Fixed certain language issues to make text easier to understand.

● Fixed certain issues with graphical anomalies in the world.

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