Black Desert Online Update 2.09 Out for Fixes and Changes This Nov. 24

black desert online update 2.09

Pearl Abyss has released the Black Desert Online update 2.09 patch this November 24,and this one is for some gameplay changes, new features and other fixes. Head down below for the complete patch notes.

Black Desert Online Update 2.09 Patch Notes:

At the time of writing, Pearl Abyss has not released the official patch notes just yet. However, here are some of the expected changes to come in Black Desert Online’s latest patch:

Major Update Details

● A “Save Custom Colors” feature will be added to the Color Palette in the Dye and Beauty Album windows.
● Desert sicknesses (Heatstroke and Hypothermia) will appear while traversing the desert of the Valencia region, and the health of sailors will change to deteriorate while they are out sailing and exploring.

Events Scheduled to End

Spot the Difference!
Unknown Ginseng?!
Life Skill Time!
It’s Raining Loyalties and Dream Chests!

We’ll update theis post accordingly once the full patch notes have been released. Here are the complete patch notes:

Content Changes

● Quadrupled the time granted to loot the Mole that appears from Farming.

● Changed the Slippery Scallywags Den to now resurrect your character in the Slippery Scallywags Den if you choose to resurrect at the closest town.

● Selecting ‘Revive at closest town’ in Atoraxxion will now revive you in Velia.

● Certain Progression Pass objectives have changed.

Previous Objective New Objective
[Boss] Defeat the Awakened Saunil Siege Captain Obtain Bheg Summon Scroll from [Special I] Confronting Bheg (1/D)

Node War/Conquest War

● Improved the system message to display the family name of the Adventurer that destroyed the fort/command post/field HQ during Node/Conquest War.

We have added the Adventurer’s family name to be displayed on the message so all may know which guild member dealt the glorious final blow to the enemy fort.

● Improved to be able to resurrect without going to the loading screen when you die within a certain vicinity of the fort/command post/field HQ during Node/Conquest War.

– When resurrecting without going to the loading screen, the character will be invincible for 5 sec.


● Added the max Special Evasion limit to the Node/Conquest Wars that have Stat Limits.

– ‘Special Evasion’ is a stat that allows your character to evade Critical Hit, Back Attack, Down Attack, and Air Attack damage.

– The Special Evasion stat limits are as follows for each of the Node/Conquest Wars:

Node War
Node Level Limit
Tier 1 0 %
(Special Evasion Stats are not applied)
Tier 2 No Limits
Tier 3
Tier 4
Conquest War
Territory Limits
Calpheon No Limits
Mediah 20 %


● Changed the reward received upon becoming a Lord of a Territory and achieving victory in Conquest Wars via the points system.

– Glorious Victor Reward will be awarded to guilds that win the Conquest War by destroying all enemy forts before the end of Conquest War.

– the Burning Spirit Victor Reward will be awarded to guilds that win the Conquest War by the amount of points they have at the end.

Item Contents
Burning Spirit Victor Reward Gold Bar of the Glorious Battlefield 10,000G x2
Ancient Spirit Dust x500
Cron Stone x50
Resplendent Medal of Honor x84
Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x2
[Event] Scroll of the Glorious Battlefield x2

Clarification on Rewards 

Therefore the compensation for destroying all other guilds and winning through the points system are as follows.

At the end of Conquest War when one Guild destroys all other forts
Winning Guild Defeated Guilds

Glorious Victor Reward

Fighting Spirit Reward

※ In the event of a total victory for one guild, where all other forts are destroyed, the ‘Fighting Spirit Reward’ will be given to all losing guilds regardless of the duration of the Conquest War and points earned. 


Rewards in the event of 2 or more guilds remaining at the end of Conquest War
1st Place (Lord)

Burning Spirit Victor Reward

2~6th Place Rewards based on points regardless of whether your Command Post/ Field HQ is still standing or destroyed.

Burning Spirit Rewards (based on Rank)

Guild whose Command Post/ Field HQ was destroyed an hour after the start of the Conquest War


Guild whose Command Post/ Field HQ remains at the end of the Conquest War, and does not finish in the 1~6th place reward track.

Burning Inspiration Reward

Guild whose Command Post/ Field HQ is destroyed before the first hour.

Fighting Spirit Reward

※ Rewards are distributed in this manner only when more than one Guild remains at the end of the time limit for Conquest War. 


UI Changes

● Added a message UI showing how to differentiate items that can and cannot be used by season characters when attempting to use an item that season characters cannot use.

– This UI will show when trying to equip items that cannot be used by Season Characters.


● The number of skills that display on the Mount Information UI in the stable has been modified.


● The World Map Key Guide has been modified from ‘Navigate’ to ‘Navigate/Cancel’.


● Added the UI that allows you to recruit party/platoon members from within the guild easier.

– You can create a party/platoon through the Guild window by clicking on the Party/Platoon Recruitment button.

– The created party/platoon will only be displayed to your guild members.


● Added a Camera Settings interface to make it easier to adjust the camera location and distance when modifying the camera settings.

– Press and hold R3 to bring up the UI.



● Added the Login Reward Notification UI to appear when you first login to the game to clearly show what items you are getting on that day.

– You will be able to see what items you are getting today, and which items you will be getting the next day.

– You will be able to find the rewards in your Black Spirit’s Safe


Login Rewards are available for new and veteran Adventurers to collect. However, new Adventurers had a difficult time understanding what today’s login rewards were, what they will get tomorrow, know where the items were stored. Therefore, we improved on the visual effects of the login rewards and the UI to show what items Adventurers are getting today, what is available tomorrow, and show where the item is being stored.


Character Changes


● Grim Reaper’s Judgment – Fixed the issue where the skill could be used without going on cooldown in certain situations.



● Changed so that Forward Guard will not be applied when moving backwards with no Guard Gauge.

– Therefore, the guard breaking motion will no longer be displayed when moving backwards with no Guard Gauge.


● Aal’s Protection – Changed to be no longer usable with no Guard Gauge.

– Therefore, you will need to recover Guard Gauge before being able to use the skill Aal’s Protection.


Item Changes

● Added the “Category” and “Main Usage” information to the item description of items that can be received as part of the login rewards (excluding DC coupons and Inventory Slot Expansion Coupons).


● Changed the different text color for a part of the item descriptions for certain lumbering axe and butcher knife items to match that of other tools.


● Separated the [Ninja, Berserker] Narusawa Shoes from the [Ninja, Berserker] Narusawa Armor.

– Added the [Ninja, Berserker] Narusawa Shoes to the outfit boxes that contain [Ninja, Berserker] Narusawa Armor.

* Adventurers who had the [Ninja, Berserker] Narusawa Armor in their possession with receiving the [Ninja, Berserker] Narusawa Shoes in their storage in Heidel.


● Separated [Musa] Western Frontiers Gloves and [Musa] Western Frontiers Shoes from the [Musa] Western Frontiers Armor.

– Added [Musa] Western Frontiers Gloves and [Musa] Western Frontiers Shoes to the outfit boxes that contain [Musa] Western Frontiers Armor.

* Adventurers who had the [Musa] Western Frontiers Armor in their possession will receive the [Musa] Western Frontiers Gloves and [Musa] Western Frontiers Shoes in their storage in Heidel.


System Changes

● Memory Optimization has been carried out to remove unnecessary duplicate data for item-related information.
● Textures have been optimized.
– Please make sure that your console operating system is currently up to date.

Quest and Knowledge Changes

● Changed so that you can complete the Atoraxxion: Sycrakea main quest, [Atoraxxion] Syca’s Cradle, by talking to Yaz even when you defeat first.


● Changed so that you can proceed with the “Weakness of the Living Legend” quest when you complete the “Punish the Wandering Rogue” quest.


● Changed the dialog text of the “[Pet] Lauren’s Fluffy” quest that you can accept from Lafi Bedmountain when you choose the first crossroads main quest during the Serendia main questline to be more natural for the quest.


● Reduced the number of Knowledge Entries required to obtain max energy for certain Knowledge categories.

– The max amount of obtainable energy is the same as before, but you need less Knowledges and don’t need to complete all Knowledges of the following Knowledge categories to increase your max energy.


Knowledge Category Max Energy Increase Number of Knowledge Entries Required
Citizens of Calpheon 1 9
3 17
Beasts (Balenos) 1 2
2 7
Imps (Serendia) 1 4
2 11
Beasts (Serendia) 1 2
3 6
Beasts (Calpheon) 2 8
5 22
Bandits 1 7
2 16
Kzarka 2 6
Creatures of Mediah 1 14
4 27
Ruins 1 6
2 16
Lake Kaia 1 4
2 9
Harpy 1 2
2 6
Khurutos 1 6
2 11
Secret Societies 1 6
3 13
Refugee Camp 1 5
2 13
Red Orcs 1 9
2 16
Serendia Adventure Journal I 3 9
Serendia Adventure Journal III 4 16
Serendia Adventure Journal Ⅳ 1 6
4 14
Balenos Adventure Journal I 1 4 (Unchanged)
3 9
Monarch of Darkness Adventure Journal 4 13
Southwestern Calpheon Adventure Journal 2 4
2 10
Mediah Adventure Journal IV 1 4
3 10
History I 1 5
2 15
Rhutum 1 6
2 13
 Node Manager (Balenos Sea) 2 10
4 19
Creatures of Calpheon 1 5
3 17

● Changed the Crossroads quest window to now indicate how many times you’ve selected a certain quest route.

– Adventurers who’ve yet to complete a certain Crossroads quest will not see any indicators for that specific quest.


While adventuring in the world of Black Desert, you will reach Crossroads quests in the main storyline that will introduce you to different NPCs and bits of story based on the choices you make. For Adventurers who’ve created new characters or are trying to complete quests to obtain knowledge for Adventure Logs, or are simply in the mood to seek out new and never before experienced Black Desert storylines, this update will make it easier to discern exactly how many times you’ve chosen a specific route in a Crossroads quest, thus making it easier to access the various storylines of Black Desert.

Other Changes

● Fixed the incorrect required item listed in the Progression Pass “[Subjugation] Defeat 10 Kratuga Ancient Ruins Monsters” description to enter Kratuga Ancient Ruins.

Before After
Black Spirit’s Claw Black Spirit’s Claw Piece

● Fixed the issue where Adventurers were getting Inventory +2 Expansion x1 less through the simplified quests compared to the Main Quest.

– For those who were affected by this, you can talk to the Black Spirit to receive an Inventory +2 Expansion Coupon x1


● Fixed the typo in the quest summary of ‘[Weekly] Lucretia’s Ruby.’


● Fixed the issue where the keywords for the Drying: Skilled Knowledge and the Filtering: Skilled Knowledge were switched.


● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t store Marni’s Stones that store the max number of samples.


● Fixed the issue where the number of samples stored in each of the Marni’s Stones changed when sending them to Storage by using the Maid/Butler Group Command.


● Fixed an issue where there were irregular areas in Calpheon.


● Some awkward environments have been fixed in Atoraxxion.


● Fixed awkward textures when Durability is low while the [Kunoichi] Ayo outfit was equipped.


● Fixed the issue where the [Nova] Marnist Outfit appeared unnatural on certain body types.


● Fixed the issue where character motion would appear abnormal in certain areas within Atoraxxion: Sycrakea.


That’s about it for the patch.

Source: Black Desert

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