Black Desert Online Update 2.82 Released This June 28

Black Desert Online Update 2.82

Pearl Abyss has released Black Desert Online update 2.82 this June 28 to implement some changes to the game. The update in question is available now on all platforms. Check out the Black Desert Online patch notes down below.

Black Desert Online Update 2.82 Patch Notes | Black Desert Online June 28 Patch Notes:

Pearl Abyss did not share proper patch notes for this update yet, but some small details and known issues have been listed. You can check out the details down below.

Major Update Details

  • New Green-grade gear for Panokseon
  • New Morning Light stories with vignette
  • New Donghae Province Storybook added
  • Old Moon Furniture Workshop added to Iliya Island

Land of the Morning Light

  • When opening any [Event] Deokman’s Sack, purchasable from Peddler Deokman’s shop, the item acquisition message appears unnatural.
  • Certain NPCs that are in the cutscenes in the Land of the Morning Light get displayed abnormally after the cutscene ends.
  • We have identified an issue where the battle with Sangoon is not functioning properly during the progress of the LoML main quest [Sangoon] In Defying the Decree of Ahshi, which is available from characters Lv. 56 and up. As a temporary measure, the quest will be immediately completed upon accepting it.
    • We would like to inform you that if you start your adventure in the Morning Light or engage in battles with Sangoon in the Black Shrine, the battle with Sangoon will proceed normally.

Current Known Issues

  • When wearing the [Maegu, Woosa] Lucien Blanc Armor, some parts of the skirt appear unnaturally.
    • This issue will be fixed during the maintenance on June 28 (Wed).
  • The character’s voice abnormally sets to a lower tone. (The slider gets set to “Deep”).
  • Subtitles in some cutscenes are displayed abnormally during Woosa’s Awakening questline.
  • There is a known issue with incorrect messages appearing when entering the Season-1 (New Adventurer) Server for Families with a total character level exceeding 200.
    • The Season-1 (New Adventurer) Server is only accessible to Families with a total level of 200 or below, and we would like to inform you that this condition is being correctly enforced.
  • There is currently an issue where the Ship Gear durability does not decrease while Sailing.
  • Tier 4 Pets with names that included inappropriate words cannot be trained to Tier 5
    • If you experience this issue, please contact us via Support Center with the following information to receive assistance.
      • Pet Type:
      • Pet Name:
      • New Name:
  • Equipping an outfit (Desert Camouflage, etc.) that takes four slots (including headpiece) causes the headpiece outfit’s dye to sporadically not be visible when the headpiece equipment’s durability drops.
  • Processing (L) an Artifact item with “Ancient Power – Red Shard” and “Ancient Seal – Black Shard” while using the “Process all identical items” option selected causes the “Ancient Power – Red Shard” and “Ancient Seal – Black Shard” to only be part of the Simple Alchemy processing for the first time and not for the subsequent times.
    • After the first time, only the Artifact item will be processed via Simple Alchemy. If you wish to include the “Ancient Power – Red Shard” and “Ancient Seal – Black Shard” as well, please deactivate the “Process all identical items” option.
  • NPC Patrigio’s (Velia, Calpheon, and Grána) dialogue for the materials to craft the Bonfire of Dreams does not match the actual materials.
  • Trying to log in to Black Desert+ with Steam causes an error message to appear under certain circumstances.
  • Sometimes unable to log in to Black Desert+ when using an OTP.
  • Unable to use Private/Personal Trade when using the gamepad UI.
  • AP is not properly decreased when it rains or snows.
  • Being disconnected from the internet while waiting in the Arena of Arsha causes you to be stuck on the loading screen when trying to re-access the Arena of Arsha from the ESC menu → Arena of Arsha.
  • [Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker, Ninja, Kunoichi] Uncompletable Succession questline appears in an unaccepted state in the Quest window (O) for characters that completed the Succession quests before the Awakening & Succession questlines were combined.
  • Unable to level up by receiving EXP as a quest reward at level 59 99.99%.
  • Interacting with an NPC that starts a cutscene while on a mount causes characters to be repeatedly interrupted when moving.
  • Unable to scroll down when checking the items list in the Processing (F2) window after setting the client language as English.
  • Background terrain appears abnormal when the direction of the camera changes

We will update this post as soon as we can if proper patch notes are revealed.

Source: Play Black Desert

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