Black Desert Update PS4 Patch Notes Detailed – Here’s the New Content

Black Desert Online Update 1.45 June 15

If you’re a Black Desert Online player, and you game on PS4, a new Black Desert update PS4 patch has been released, and it includes two new characters, two PvP feature modes, and a new world boss.

Black Desert update PS4 patch notes:

Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption, has arrived as the new world boss within the world of Black Desert. Sealed within a shrine in Serendia centuries ago by sacred magic, a suspicious group is now attempting his resurrection. Those adventurers who defeat Kzarka have a chance of receiving yellow grade primary weapons.

One of the most beloved features of Black Desert, Node Wars, is now available as a weekly event and allows Guilds to engage in strategic combat over specific node locations until only one victor remains. Supporting 25 – 100 players, the victorious Guild will receive gold from part of the worldwide tax collection for the occupied node for that week.

In addition, guilds can participate in Conquest Wars, a weekly PvP mode that is larger in scale than Node Wars. Players are challenged with controlling the Balenos and Serendia territories by building Command Posts and defending their regions until there is just one Guild left standing. The victors can claim both the Balenos and Serendia territories, and will be awarded taxes from the entire region for that week. 

[New Events]

  • Life Skill Mastery Events
    • Period: September 4 (after maintenance)–September 25 (before maintenance)
    • Event 1: Help the Old Moon Guild!
      • Accept and complete event quests to get Black Gems and [Event] Old Moon Life Skill Guru Seals.
    • Event 2: Life Skill EXP Boost
      • During the event period, enjoy a 20% boost on Life Skill EXP during Fever Time.
    • Click <HERE> for full details on these celebratory events.
  • Dark Rift Special Monster Event
    • Period: September 4 (after maintenance)–September 25 (before maintenance)
    • Special event monsters will appear from the Dark Rift during the event period.
      • [Event] Titium (Difficulty: Normal)
      • [Event] Skeleton King (Difficulty: Hard)
      • [Event] Leebur (Difficulty: Very Hard)
    • These special monsters will not appear after the event is over.
    • Up to a maximum of 15 monsters will appear from the Dark Rift during this period.
      • Special boss monsters will re-appear slightly faster than the standard Dark Rift boss monsters.
    • Special boss monsters have the same chance as standard boss monsters to drop Remnants of the Rift.
  • Rookie and Returning Attendance Rewards have been refreshed.
    • Period: September 4 (after maintenance)–December 11 (before maintenance)
      • Check attendance daily and stack up on rewards like [Event] Lv. 57 Travel Kit*, Advice of Valks, Value Pack, and more!
        • *About [Event] Lv. 57 Travel Kit: When you open an [Event] Lv. 57 Travel Kit you will get, among other items, an [Event] Lv. 58 Travel Kit. The level in the item name indicates minimum level a character needs to be at to open the travel kit. You will keep getting higher level travel kits, until you get an [Event] Lv. 60 Travel Kit, which contains Gold Bar 100G, Shakatu’s Luxury Box x1, Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) x5, Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) x5, Artisan’s Memory x10, and Advice of Valks (25-35) x1.


[Ongoing Events]

  • Adventurer Support Program Part 1: Aug. 22–Sept. 11 23:59 UTC


[Ended Events]

  • Adventurer Support Program Part 2: Item Drop Rate +50%!
  • Adventurer Support Program Part 2: Get Item Collection Increase Scrolls!
    • Ends Sept. 4 23:59 UTC
  • Adventurer Support Program Part 1: Fever Time (COmbat EXP +200%/Skill EXP +30%) bonus.
  • Adventurer Support Program Part 1: Playtime Challenge
    • Ends Sept. 4 23:59 UTC


Life Skill Mastery will extend the depth of the existing Life Skill-related content by adding additional value to current Life Skills. Life Skill Mastery will be affected by a combination of a character’s Life Skill Level and the new Life Skill Mastery gear. The higher the Life Skill Levels and enhancement levels of Life Skill Mastery gear, the higher the character’s Life Skill Mastery will be. Increasing your Life Skill Mastery gives additional benefits to the current life skills such as the following:

  • Processing Mastery: Gives the option to Mass Process which increases the amount of materials able to be processed at once.
  • Gathering Mastery: Increases both the amount of items acquired as well as the drop rates for all items from gathering.
  • Sailing Mastery: Increases the Acceleration, Speed, Turn, and Brake stats of your ship while sailing.
  • Fishing Mastery: Increases the chance to catch new Orange grade fish worth 1,000,000-100,000,000 Silver each and Ancient Relic Crystal Shards.
  • Hunting Mastery: Increases both the amount of items acquired as well as the drop rates for all items from butchering hunted animals.
  • Alchemy Mastery: Increases the amount of items gained per craft, added new rare items to obtain per craft depending on Mastery level.
  • Training Mastery: Increases the chance to capture a wild horse, mount EXP gained, the chance to obtain a higher tier horse from breeding or exchanging, and the chance for mounts to learn skills upon leveling.
  • Cooking Mastery: Increases the price that Imperial Delivery Boxes sell for, the chance to obtain better food from cooking, the chance to activate mass cooking, and the opportunity to get Bonus Cooking quests.

On top of the Life Skill Mastery system, there are new items, systems, and quests added for life skills that will make Life Skills more rewarding such as the new Sniping technique for Hunting and a revamp of the Training life skill. We hope you enjoy this new content and find a renewed sense of enjoyment for Life Skills in BDO!

For full detailed patch notes on Life Skill Mastery, please click <HERE>.

Also, this announcement will be updated as series of Life Skill Mastery update will continue in the following weeks. Please check for updates on the Life Skill Mastery system via the link above.

  • New chapters of Rulupee’s Travel Log were added.
    • The courageous traveler Rulupee journeyed to Port Ratt and wrote her tales in her travel log. You can find out more by opening it.
    • The new Rulupee’s Travel Log works the same way as her previous logs. Complete quests and the counter will go up each time you complete them. When you reach a goal, you can get a reward.
    • You can get additional rewards from the Black Spirit and a special title for achieving the goals set in the travel logs.
      • You will receive Enhancement Chance +1 (Family-wide) for completing 9,999, 19,235 and 29,999 quests.
  • Added the title “30K” for completing 30000 quests.
    • The title can be acquired after completing all of Rulupee’s Travel Logs and completing the “A Surprise Secret Hidden Between the Pages of the Travel Log” quest given by the Black Spirit.
  • Thanks to your continued exploration, we have discovered a new entrance at the upper levels of the Altar of Blood.
    • The exploration of the upper levels of the Altar of Blood (1-10 Illusions) was concluded successfully with great enthusiasm.
    • The records of exploration through the upper levels of the Altar of Blood will be preserved as <First Expeditions> with next week’s maintenance (Tuesday, Sep 10). If you wish to have your name preserved as one of the First Expedition, please challenge the rankings of the Altar of Blood.
    • Also, the upper levels of the Altar of Blood will begin a reorganizing event after next week’s maintenance. Altar of Blood will have event rewards added with a modified balance during this period.However, records set during the event will not affect your rankings.
    • We will share with you more about the newly discovered depths of the Altar of Blood soon.



  • Now you can see Maudi Budar captured at the Mediah prison after completing the Mediah quests.



  • Shai can now perform other actions while playing the flute to call mounts.


  • The effect of Seafood Cron Meal was increased as below.


Before After
– Alchemy/Cooking Time -0.6s

– Life EXP +10%

– Processing Success Rate +10%

– Gathering Speed +2

– Movement Speed +2

– Fishing Speed +2

– Weight Limit +50LT

– Alchemy/Cooking Time -0.6s

– Life EXP +10%

– Processing Success Rate +10%

– Gathering Speed +2

– Movement Speed +2

– Fishing Speed +2

– Weight Limit +100LT

– All Life Skill Mastery +25

  • The above also applies to the below Cron Meal.
    • [Event] Seafood Cron Meal
  • Added the recipe for Seafood Cron Meal.
    • Balenos Meal x3, Savory Steak x1, Sute Tea x3, Ancient Cron Spice x1
  • Changed the item description of Seafood Cron Meal and Ancient Cron Spice to reflect the addition of the Seafood Cron Meal recipe.
  • Added the recipe description to the Seafood Cron Meal knowledge.
  • When you successfully enhance an equipment to PEN, your character name will be added to the item instead of your family name.
    • This does not apply to items that do not have max enhancement as PEN.
  • [Updated 9/4]
    • The adventurer’s Family Name will now be shown on any equipment that is successfully enhanced up to “PEN (V)”.
      • However, the adventurer’s Family Name will not be shown on equipment that does not show “PEN (V)” level when enhanced to its maximum potential.
  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !



  • Added method to reacquire the quest item for “Dangerous Negotiation II” in the quest description.
  • The condition to acquire the “Secrets to Infinite Life” quest was fixed to better fit the main questline.
  • Added quest condition guides to the description of the following quests.
    • [Boss] The Overlord of Omar Lava Cave
    • [Boss] Commander of the Abandoned Iron Mine
    • [Boss] Illezra’s Creation
    • [Boss] Ancient Power, Moghulis
    • [Boss] Illezra’s Servant
    • [Boss] Awakened Black Spirit


  • Knowledge for Mirumok Destroyer Offin is now acquired when it is killed.
  • Added new acquisition points for the knowledge of “Mediah Merchants Union”, “Shen Merchant Guild”, and “Leader of Altinova”, which were unavailable after the revamp of Mediah main quests.
    • After completing the “Mediah Merchants Union” quest, you can obtain them from Kuldu, Belgar, and Neruda Shen.


  • “Main Weapon (Appearance)” and “Sub-weapon (Appearance)” texts in the Dye window were changed to “Main Weapon (Skin)” and “Sub-weapon (Skin)”.
  • Now you can directly register discount coupons from your inventory at the Pearl Shop.

  • Fixed the issue where the expiration date, trade item price guarantee expiration 2 hours, and equipped item durability 0 notifications (red background) in the inventory and equipment window overlapped with the item tier frame.
  • Fixed the issue where items in the inventory did not display the class limited icon.
  • Fixed the issue where the speed of ships did not drop when their durability reached 0.
  • Fixed the issue where the description of “Insectivore Plant Sap” did not match the actual method to acquire it.
  • Fixed the unnatural camera perspective of the Velia Wharf Resident.
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where Shai could not do the “Black Spirit’s Gift (Inventory Slot)” and “Black Spirit’s Gift (Inventory Slot and Black Stones)” quests when selecting “[Crossroad] The Lamenting Head of the League of Merchants”.
    • You will receive these quests after completing the “Howling Voice” and “Secret Book” quests from the Black Spirit.
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where “[Shai] Beautiful Melody: Joy” remained in the quest list as incomplete even after completing it.
  • [Shai] Fixed the graphical issue of Night Sky Ear Studs, Ignis Ear Cuff, and Raven Ear Cuff sticking out of the hat when the Marine Romance Hat is equipped.
  • [Striker] Fixed the Desert Camouflage Armor where the neck area was hollow when equipped.
  • [Striker] Fixed the issue where a specific area on the chest of the Desert Camouflage Armor to be dyed with the rest of the piece.
  • [Striker, Mystic] Fixed the issue where Stiffness was applied to enemies when using Flow: Prey Hunt in the Battle Arena while the world boss is summoned.
  • [Warrior] Fixed the description of Scars of Dusk, Absolute: Scars of Dusk, and Solar Flare to include that they push back targets.
  • [Kunoichi, Ninja, Dark Knight, Witch, Wizard] Fixed the issue where the fishing float was displayed when equipped with only the float during standby mode.
  • [Warrior, Valkyrie, Archer, Shai, Striker, Mystic, Lahn] Fixed the issue where the fishing float was displayed during weapon changing and swimming when equipped with the fishing float.
  • [Lahn] Fixed the graphical issues with the [2nd Anniversary] Lollipop accessories.
  • [Sorceress] Fixed the issue where the dye number 1 for the Khilath Armor was applied to dye number 2.
  • [Mystic] Fixed the graphical issue of the Marine Romance clothes where the underwear clipped out when adjusting chest size.
  • [Archer] Fixed the graphical issue of the Gorca Swimsuit clipping through the Kibelius Armor.
  • [Archer] Fixed the graphical issue of the back of the neck of the Ignis Outfit.
  • Fixed the issue where there were Rulupee related NPCs at Epheria Ridge.
  • Fixed the issue where the camera moved abnormally when ending the observation mode with ESC during observation at the viewpoints of Sky Balloons and Ships.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not use Gathering near Saunil Battlefield.
  • Fixed the issue where the outside view was unnatural from inside some houses in Calpheon and other places.
  • Fixed the issue where Trial characters could acquire the Node War reward “Shining Medal of Honor”.
  • Fixed the issue where characters got stuck in certain areas of Ahib Border trying to acquire the Lamo Valley knowledge.
  • Fixed the issue where the grass in certain areas around the Saunil Battlefield, Treant Forest and along the way from the Longleaf Tree Sentry Post to the Foggy Forest was floating in the air.
  • Fixed the issue where the Hide Other’s Campsite did not work in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not close storage with ESC when opened with a maid near your mount.
  • Fixed the issue where character movement sometimes lagged within villages.
  • Fixed the issue where the client sometimes shut down during cutscenes.
  • Fixed the issue where the sell button did not work in shops.
  • Fixed the “[Guild] I Have a Dream” quest to be shown in the suggested quest list.
  • Fixed the issue where the item price did not change even when you successfully bargained an item.


  • We are aware of the issue where the knowledge acquired from the Mysteries of Summer Continues: A Tale of the Fallen Kingdom is not shown. This will be fixed with next week’s maintenance.
  • We are aware of the issue where Crafting Notes pop up when pressing Shift + LMB on certain Loggia accessories and clothes. As these items are not craftable, their Crafting Notes should not appear and this will be fixed shortly.
  • We are aware of the issue where you cannot get the “[Repeat] The Furious 24 Hours” quest because you cannot interact with the NPC in Altinova who gives the quest.
  • We are aware of the issue where you cannot get the “Slum in the City” knowledge from Rubin even when you meet the conditions to acquire it.
  • We are aware of the issue where the guild position of Apprentice guild members is changed abnormally.
    • This issue will be resolved during next week’s maintenance.

Source: Black Desert Online

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