Black Ops 4 Quad Feed Event Starts Now and Will Last Until January 2, 2020

black ops 4 quad feed

For those playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Treyarch has flipped the switched in regards to XP! The Black Ops 4 quad feed event has begun for the holidays, and will last for two weeks until January 2, 2020!

For those unaware, the Black Ops 4 quad feed means that players will earn 2XP, 2x Weapon XP, 2x Nebulium Plasma, 2x Merits in multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout. Oh, there’s Tungsten Tripler in Zombies, too! This event will run until 10 a.m. PT on January 2, 2020!

If you’re not a fan of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and want something more fast paced, then this is perfect for you. Don’t forget, Treyarch has also tuned how the Black Market works in the game, and even Weapon Bribes.

Are you going back to Black Ops 4? Personally, I might log in this holiday just to see what I’ve missed.

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