Black Ops Cold War Aim Assist Issues & Changes Are a Real Thing and Here’s Proof

black ops cold war aim assist issues

If you’re one of the many playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer and you’re a Call of Duty multiplayer veteran, chances are you might have felt something off with how the aiming feels. Well, it’s not just you. There are Black Ops Cold War aim assist issues and there’s proof of it!

Call of Duty YouTuber Xclusive Ace has figured out what changed and it’s an odd one. In every Call of Duty game, the aim assist works in the sense that the characters have a “bubble” that the crosshairs detect, and they slow down whenever they are near that invisible bubble of the character. Well, in Black Ops Cold War, when your gun detects the bubble, it just stops moving even if your fingers are moving! It’s hard to explain, so just check the gif below:

For reference: Xclusive Ace does NOT stop moving the right analog stick and it just automatically stops when it sense/feels the bubble, which in turn, prevents him from properly targeting the enemy! This is a departure from how previous Call of Duty games handled aim assist in the past, and we have no clue why this change was made.

You can check out the video to get the full report, but that’s the condensed version on why aiming feels kinda off in Black Ops Cold War.

Do you feel the aim assist is off in Black Ops Cold War or does it feel like it used to? Let us know down in the comments below.

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