Black Ops Cold War December 22 Update Rolled Out for Playlist Changes

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Those who want something fresh in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch has released the Black Ops Cold War December 22 update, which won’t require a client download as a it’s a server-side refresh. Head on below for details/

Black Ops Cold War December 22 Update Patch Notes:

Here’s what got changed per Treyarch’s official Twitter:

MP Free Access continues in #BlackOpsColdWar with new playlists now available:

• Team Deathmatch
• Domination
• Gunfight
• Nuketown Holiday 24/7
• Raid 24/7 [NEW]
• Prop Hunt [NEW]
• Combined Arms: Hardpoint [NEW]
• Fireteam: Dirty Bomb [NEW]

As you can see, the multiplayer free trial continues and here’s what to expect:

Free Access Stage 2: Dec 21-24

Though Stage 1 ends Monday, 12/21, fear not. Stage 2 will pick right up where you left off. Not only are all of the modes from the previous stage available, you’ll also get the following:

Prop Hunt

The popular mode delivers its hilarious take on hide-and-seek, Call of Duty style. For those who don’t know, Prop Hunt pits two teams against one another: Hunters and Props. Props disguise themselves as scenery like baby grand pianos or mannequins, while Hunters try to track the Props down and eliminate them before they escape and blend in with the environment again. First team to take three  rounds wins.

Combined Arms: Hardpoint

In this new addition to Combined Arms, two teams of 12 battle to capture and control a moving objective across four maps: Armada, Crossroads, Miami, and Cartel. Use tanks, gunboats, and snowmobiles to own objectives and take out the enemy’s control. Although the time limit is five minutes, the clock will pause when either team controls the objective, allowing for epic comebacks. The first team to reach the 350 score limit wins.

Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

Drop into this frenzied 40-player mode to collect, deliver, and deposit uranium into several active dirty bombs sites. You earn score by killing enemies, gathering and depositing uranium, and detonating dirty bombs. Maps include two massive play spaces: Ruka and Alpine.

Stay tuned for more Black Ops Cold War news here on MP1st!